Carbon Motors are pleased to announce that they have exceeded 10 000 production slot reservations for the "E7".  The Company would like to extend its deepest gratitude to the hundreds of law enforcement agencies that placed those reservations from all across the country!

In addition to achieving this major milestone so soon, they also like to thank members of the economic development communities in each of the following states for putting forth such thoughtful proposals and offers for the Carbon Campus: Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina and South Carolina.

The team has literally met crowds of new Carbon Motors supporters and has formed many great new friendships in all of these states. Having to finally say ‘yes' to 1 state and ‘no' to 4 others will certainly be difficult – but senior representatives of all of these states have been extremely gracious nonetheless.  Each state has assured us that they wish nothing but success for the Company, as it is in the best interests of the entire country.

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William Santana Li, Carbon's Chairman and CEO, remarked that "no matter where we end up calling home, we'll always have these friends we can count on. That means a lot to us and will not be forgotten.

Rest assured that Carbon's executive team is meticulously evaluating each offer, and the Company is targeting a final decision to be announced sometime this summer.