2017 Chevrolet ColoradoIn order to rock 2017 Model Year, Chevy team gears the new Colorado with redesigned V6 power unit and class-exclusive eight-speed automatic gearbox system. And as we see it, this is probably the biggest change and improvement done on the vehicle since the big restyling program back in 2015. So, let's find out what makes Chevrolet brand sell more than 160,000 Colorados in the first 24 months since the launch.

The engine system

This second-gen Chevrolet double-overhead-cam power unit keeps the same 3.6-liter displacement, but now includes variable valve timing for intake and exhaust, enhanced direct injection and Active Fuel Management System (the so-called cylinder deactivation). And the most important thing: the horsepower and torque have increased to a total of SAE-certified 308hp (230kW) and 275lb-ft at 4,000rpm.

The automatic transmission system

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The GM-developed Hydra-Matic 8L45 has many advantages, compared to the 6L80 (the older model). Although they both share the same size and weight, the 8L80 comes with wider 7.0 overall gear ratio spread, which directly results on higher first gear ratio, which further helps the driver start off more confidently and furiously. This also helps when there is heavy load or when trailering.

And the best news? Well, Colorado fans will not wait that much for this one to be available for purchase: the enhanced vehicle comes in the fourth quarter of this year. Sweet.

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Chevrolet Colorado Midnight (2016) - picture 4 of 4

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