Dinan's  objective is designing a sophisticated technology to provide the ability to control and enhance the engine performance, with no threat to voiding your car warranty coverage. The system doesn't interfere with the on-board diagnostic systems.

New applications are constantly being introduced for the Dinantronics Performance Tuner because the final objective is applying this system in all BMW line-ups. However the tune is now available for the M series. The F80 M3 and F82/83 M4 already equipped with the tune reach maximum power of 516 hp (384 kW), 489 lb.-ft. (662 Nm) of torque, are now faster than ever. Including the F22 M235i, F30 335i, F32/33/36 435i, F10 535i, F07/10 550i, F06/12/13 650i, F01/02 750i, F10 M5 (STD & Competition Package), and the F06/12/13 M6 (STD & Competition Package)  are some of the models compatible with the system. Only talented engineers are capable of designing the Dinan Difference, keeping the engine power at its top and giving it even more power at the same time.


This state-of-the-art system is designed with the most advanced hardware and best possible components, which visible component is elaborate wiring harness. All plug in devices send a modified signal to the factory ECU. Afterwards the factory ECU raises the boost presure if it is below target values. BMW fans are provided with additional performance without sacrificing other care features. The Dinantronics Performance Tuner is capable of sending signals to divers other systems in the car at the mind blowing 4000 times per second. Moreover, a higher level of drivability and lighter running conditions are achieved, which is what Dinan is all about.



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