Good news for all owners of gasoline-powered Opel Insignia sedans or sports tourers: The new autogas systems, developed in cooperation with Dutch world market leader Vialle, can cut fuel costs by half and simultaneously reduce CO2 emissions by some 12 percent.


In addition, also upgrades the Insignia visually, with a striking 3D film kit, 20-inch light-alloy wheels and corresponding sport springs. is the German importer for Vialle Alternative Fuel Systems B.V. For the Insignia autogas systems the two partners chose the innovative state-of-the-art Vialle LPI liquid injection concept.

Contrary to conventional autogas systems this technology eliminates the evaporator, making the system completely maintenance free. But that's not all: Injecting the liquid gas directly into the manifold allows even more precise metering of the injected gas, resulting in an optimized combustion process with excellent power yield and even cleaner emissions. CO2 emissions are reduced by some 12 percent. Equipped with a autogas system the Opel Insignia meets the strict Euro V emission limits even easier than its production brethren.

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The conversion to the dual fuel system is immediately noticeable at the pump: With an average liter price for autogas of currently 0.55 Euros, fuel costs are cut in half. In some other European countries such as the Netherlands, where autogas sells for 0.39 per liter on average, the savings are even higher.

The autogas safety tank has an extra-large capacity of 77 liters for an extended operating range. It is manufactured from 3.5-mm steel, and is installed safely in the spare wheel well in the trunk of the Insignia. More than 5,000 LPG stations across Germany ensure that autogas is always within reach. Most other European countries also feature excellent networks of autogas filling stations. And if no LPG station is available a simple push of a button in the cockpit switches the system back to gasoline mode for an even greater operating range.

' Powered by Vialle Autogas Systems' for the Opel Insignia are available starting at 2,319 Euros MSRP. They are backed by a three-year warranty, up to 100,000 kilometers. Initially these conversions are available for the Insignia models with four-cylinder naturally aspirated 1.6- and 1.8-liter engines and for the two 1.6- and 2.8-liter turbocharged engines.

In addition, lends both body styles of the Insignia a more striking appearance: The 3D film kit, available in various colors and custom-tailored versions for sedan and sports tourer for 386 Euros, gives the Opel an exclusive two-tone look.

Also important for the exquisite appearance are one-piece wheels in a timeless cross-spoke design with black spokes and polished surfaces. The 8.5Jx20 light-alloy wheels are fitted with high-performance tires in size 245/35 ZR 20 front and back. The sport springs were custom developed for this tire/wheel combination and lower the ride height of the Insignia by some 30 millimeters.