Opel announces a new park assistance feature on the Insignia that puts an end to second-guessing on those coveted parking spaces. It is a perfect tool for car drivers who don't have the courage to fill in a narrow spot. Or when it isn't clear at first glance whether a car will fit or how to attempt a tough parallel park in the midst of hectic traffic.

The Park Assistant makes parking a breeze: It finds spots into which the Insignia can nudge and provides understandable instructions via a signal on the dashboard. The feature costs 645 euros.

The special advantage of the system is that it recognizes spaces which are only one meter longer than the vehicle as it passes by. Other comparable fully automatic systems need to find spots that are significantly longer than one meter before they set to work.

The Park Assistant can be activated as soon as drivers traveling up to 30 kilometers per hour edge 1.8 meters away from a row of cars. As soon as a sensor located on the side of the vehicle recognizes a space, it signals the driver on the central display and begins giving steering instructions. Through ten sensors on the front and back bumpers, the Insignia can predict all possible obstacles and send out warning signals in advance.

The Park Assistant rounds out a wide array of innovative technological features that support Insignia drivers. The list also includes the Opel Eye Front Camera which recognizes traffic signs and inadvertent lane changes as well as the Adaptive Forward Lighting+ with nine different light functions.

Opel Insignia Park Assistant

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