Ford has finally announced the SYNC 3 technology, that will come as a standard equipment for 2016 Ford Escape and Fiesta. The system is faster and more useful and comes with enhanced response and easy-to-use interface.  In fact, SYNC 3 comes with incredible software and hardware features and as you might know, SYNC system is geared in more than 12 million Ford vehicles worldwide.

One of the best features is the easy-to-use voice recognition. There isn't anything more pleasurable, than a system, that understands you perfectly, even while you are driving. The SYNC is the first Ford system to offer easily and affordable way of using such a piece of technology. And it becomes even better: Ford team has optimized the steps, required to play music, make a call or search the web.

Furthermore, Ford is the first company to bring voice control to the cabin via the special ApLink, that was upgraded and improved with SYNC 3.

AppLink allows customers to connect their mobile device to the vehicle and control different options by using voice commands and buttons on the display screen. Cool, isn't it? And something else. AppLink automatically detects applications like Spotify, Pandora, Glympse, NPR One and other and displays each app's graphics and statistics. And ofcourse, music and other entertainment features are automatically displayed. In addition, when connected to an Apple iPhone device, SYNC 3 offers and a special Siri Eyes-Free capability. With this tweak drivers can make the program to help them make the Push to Talk system even more easier.

Other wonderful feature is the optimization for hands-free usage. SYNC 3 comes also with a special touch screen, that offers similar functionality as a smartphone or tablet. Ford team has done wonderful job in optimizing the system to deliver quicker responce and optimized voice-command features. And of course, as any other self-respected brand in 21st century, Ford offers SYNC 3 with incredible looks and beautiful graphics.

Ford SYNC 3 Connectivity System (2016) - picture 1 of 5
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Source: Ford