2017 Infiniti QX30Infiniti announces that the QX lineup premium active crossover will meet three new members: QX30 and QX30S and the special QX30 AWD . Along with the visual upgrades, the two vehicles have a lot more to demonstrate. So, let's check out what is going on here.

Infiniti QX30

This is an especially built premium crossover vehicle with distinctive appearance and incredible proportions and functionality. Embracing brand's distinctive lines, this sweetie also offers high quality drivetrain system and enhanced pleasure of driving. For the Americas the sweetie will be offered with front-wheel drive system.

Infiniti QX30S

With a bit lower stance and more aggressive front and rear fascia, the premium vehicle proudly demonstrates distinctive 19-inch wheels with high-performance tires and countless more incredible features. Recently unveiled at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show QX30S has a lot to demonstrate to customers and fans.

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With latest generation of intelligent all-wheel drive system, this incredible machine comes with inspiring front and rear valence panels, powerful drivetrain system and high doses of adrenaline. Capable of conquering any kind of road, the QX30 AWD is already in store.

2017 Infiniti QX30

Definitely confident about its own future, Infiniti continues to offer incredible vehicles, advanced technologies and tons of positive emotions. And as always the brand stays true to the idea of passionate, yet highly functional machines.

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