Infiniti's new and advanced in-car information and entertainment system for its European range will be launched at the 2009 Geneva International Motor Show. It will first become available in the new G37 Convertible which receives its European debut on the same occasion.

Advanced Navigation function The technology is a joint development by Infiniti and Xanavi. At its heart is a new Hard Disk Drive (HDD) navigation system with a hefty 30GB of memory space. This makes for faster operation and greater data storage capacity.

Among the many benefits are vastly extended mapping which now includes parts of Turkey, Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as a new easy to follow 3D navigation guidance with

improved graphics and a more realistic depiction of the road and landmarks ahead. The resolution of the new screen (7 or 8 inch depending on the grade) is up to four times better than the previous generation system.

Real time traffic information is supplied via RDS-TMC.  The system suggests route revisions even more quickly to help the driver avoid traffic congestion.

Thanks to its large data storage capacity, Infiniti has been able to expand the rich content potential of the system. Users have access to Point Of Interest (POI) information including the Michelin Green Guide, with comprehensive information on restaurants, services, museums and other tourist attractions in 20 major European cities including London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Vienna, Milan and Glasgow.  A new feature is the option to select a scenic route to the destination.

Infiniti Hard Disk Drive navigation System

Four ways to operate the system allowing the driver to choose what suits best The system now offers touch screen operation, improving both ease of use and safety not only for the navigation, but also for other functions such as climate control, Bluetooth and entertainment. It is also possible to operate the system using voice recognition, steering wheel commands or via an intuitive control panel influenced by the span of a hand. As a result, the new Infiniti system is the only one in its class to offer four ways to control information and entertainment functions.

On-screen instructions can be displayed in eight different languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian – while voice recognition is supported in seven – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

Entertainment features Another benefit of the HDD information and entertainment system is the incorporation of a 10GB Music Box which can store a music library of up to 300 CDs. The download takes place automatically when a CD is inserted into the CD player. Hence, the Infiniti owner has access to an extensive music collection without the need to carry around any CDs. Much of the Gracenote ( music database is pre-loaded onto the system and is able to label stored

CDs with artist, song or album name.  New or obscure album information can be downloaded later from Gracenote and updated on the system's hard disk via USB connection.

But for those who want a wider music selection at their fingertips, the system also allows iPod/MP3 integration with full control via the screen and/or steering wheel switches. In addition, song, artist and album information is displayed on the screen. The iPod is charged whenever it is plugged in via the USB connection.

Other audio devices can be connected to the Infiniti audio system via an Aux-in socket or the unit's Bluetooth Audio Streaming function.  Bluetooth connectivity, of course, also allows full mobile phone integration for hands-free operation.

The system can even play back DVD videos. For safety reasons, the picture is only displayed when the vehicle is stopped and hand brake on.

Complementing the new information and entertainment system, through collaboration of Infiniti and Bose® engineers, a Bose® premium sound package has been specially designed for each Infiniti model and features loudspeakers with lightweight yet powerful neodymium magnets with an innovative driver design allowing the speakers to produce the output of a larger, heavier speaker.  Uniquely in the G37 Convertible, Bose® speakers can be integrated in the front seat head restraints to optimise music quality while the top is down.

Infiniti G37 Convertible

"The Infiniti range offers exclusivity, style, dynamic performance, value and an unrivalled ownership experience. The range also majors on high levels of advanced equipment. The new information and entertainment system, which will quickly be made available across the range, is arguably one of the best of its type currently available anywhere in the world and is a perfect addition to the Infiniti experience," says Jim Wright, Vice President, Infiniti Europe.