Koenigsegg One:1 and Agera RS are the fastest cars on the planet. But what's missing here is the brand new model called Regera, which was introduced in Geneva in the beginning of the week. The name stands for "to reign" in Swedish and it is very appropriate for this powerful and responsive car. But what is more interesting is the power that it uses, because it is a hybrid. Yes, a hybrid.

I definitely did not expect this, but there is probably nothing much to develop, since the previously mentioned models have already done so well. Lightweight and competitive, the Regera performs fantastic. Koenigsegg says that this is the fastest accelerating and most powerful production vehicle ever. Is this true we'll see in the lines below.

In details, Internal Combustion Engine is what powers the model, namely the DOHC 5.0 liter V8 unit. There is also electric propulsion of the Direct Drive system at hand. This results in a combined power output of more than 1500 Hp (1103 kW) and 2000 Nm (1476 lb-ft) of torque.

But as the company says, the Regera does not have the disadvantages of a hybrid. The first reason for this is that it is lightweight in contrasts to the heavy hybrids with two independent propulsion systems. Secondly, the car is equipped with the new Koenigsegg Direct Drive Transmission (KDD) which substitutes the traditional transmission of the combustion engine and offers the option of pure EV mode.

The EV plug feature allows the Direct Drive Battery to be charged by the combustion engine or through the charging port. Koenigsegg also developed a plug-in solution called Battery Drain Mode (BDM).

We'll focus on this, because it is really innovative. For instance, if the next charging point is in around 50 km range left, a preset geo location will trigger the BDM. This in turn will forecast the driving behaviour, thus ensuring that the battery is fully drained upon arrival.

In addition, this car has been fully robotized. Precisely, the Regera includes technology tweaks such as active front and rear wings, chassis control and lifting system. It is also the first car which operates all body closures absolutely automatically. In addition to this the wing mirrors are auto-folding while the doors open, which is a very cool feature.

The doors as you can see aren't conventional and swing out and rotate 90 degrees to fully clear the door opening. They are called Dihedral Synchro Helix Doors. Another very interesting feature here is the world's first fully foldable active rear wing, which you can see "appearing" in the video below.

The company has focused in this Koenigsegg on the luxury too. Take a look at exterior's constellation daylight running lights or the soothing surfaces inside, the electrically adjustable memory foam seats or the ambient lighting.

We receive the information that Regera will be built in only 80 examples, making it a pure limited edition.

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