The new VW Polo has only just entered the market and KW automotive already offers three different coilover suspensions for the Volkswagen.

Variant 1 with solid damping control and a TUV-approved lowering in an adjustment range from 35 to 65 millimetres, the KW coilover suspension Variant 1 offers an optimal balance between sportiness, comfort and safety. In the version basic, the suspension is delivered zinc-plated. The version inox-line with its stainless steel casing guarantees a long durability, even when the car is driven very dynamically and also used in winter.

In Variant 2, the coilover suspension is delivered in the stainless steel technology inox-line with an adjustable rebound damping. This is the ideal system for the dynamic driver who does not only seek an individual lowering, but also wishes to make adjustments in the set-up. With the adjustable rebound damping, the driving impression can be optimally adapted to the personal requirements.

For the performance-oriented driver, KW automotive additionally offers Variant 3 in stainless steel technology inox-line for the new Polo. The technology used in Variant 3 is derived from motor sports and offers best performance and a high comfort – according to the individual adjustment. The separate and independently adjustable rebound- and compression damping allows absolutely individual suspension adjustments. The unique patented system with its each two-stage valves allows a rebound damping- (comfort) and a compression damping adjustment (driving dynamics) in the low-speed range while the high-speed range which is responsible for driving safety is fixed.

KW coilover suspensions for the new VW Polo

The KW coilover suspensions for the new VW Polo are available already from 799 Euro including VAT. Of course, a certificate for a trouble-free registration with the Technical Control Board (TUV) is included in the delivery, as well as a detailed instruction for assembly and adjustment.

KW coilover suspensions for the new VW Polo