Land Rover Discovery hit the twenty. Born at 16th of November 1989, the well known all-purpose vehicle is celebrating 20 years of success on the market. Developed originally to plug the gap between the striking Defender and the top-of-the-lux Range Rover, Discovery soon became the most versatile model in the brand's line-up.

"The Discovery legend has been built on innovative design and advanced technology. From the introduction of high-efficiency direct-injection diesel technology into the 4x4 market in 1989, to pioneering occupant safety with the adoption of twin airbags in 1998, Discovery has led the way." says Phil Popham, Managing Director. "It is truly the best loved SUV the world over. Today, we sell the Discovery in 91 countries and sales to date have hit over and above 900,000," he adds.

Since its debut in 1989, the Land Rover Discovery has always been a perfect match for the needs and tastes of its increasingly urbane and discerning buyers. The Discovery model will be remembered forever for its exterior vision, which still follows the stepped roof and asymmetric rear glass theme, giving all occupants a clear view of the journey ahead. The user-friendly, smart and elegant interior design  was developed in co-operation with Conran Design Studio who for many years have been held in high regard for influencing 'modern day living'.

"Discovery has evolved its own clear design heritage over four generations. Today, Discovery 4 stays true to its clean, geometric, architecturally-inspired predecessors. Its new front bumper, lights and face, smoother lines and subtle curves, combine to enhance the overall impression of premium quality," says Gerry McGovern, Design Director.

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