MoparMopar, for 15th consecutive season underscores its commitment to Sportsman racing competition within the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) with the demonstration of the Mopar HEMI Challenge. Now, the popular race event will be staged during the US Nationals in Indianapolis with schedules to take place September 3-4 at Lucas Oil Raceway.

As you might know, the HEMI Challenge debuted back in 2001 on a quarter-mile track at the US Nationals and starred a special 1968 HEMI-powered Dodge Darts and Plymouth Barracuda, which, as we all know, are classic muscle cars, that contributed to Mopar's well-known reputation and success.

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And now, 2015 edition celebrates its 15th anniversary with a special race and a special prize: an unique HEMI Challenge trophy, custom Mopar HEMI Challenge winner's jacket and of course, some cash: $15,000. Surely this award will make some wonderful motivational effect on all the attending racers. In fact, there are cash awards for all the top 16 racer, that will qualify.

Mopar Additional Prizes

Furthermore, every Mopar-powered Super Stock/Automatic-HEMI class competitor will receive a special 15th anniversary event hat,  replica license plate and a special commemorative poster. Mopar will also provide a special vehicle suspension seminar, a display of a new product and will talk about opportunities for participants to win a Mopar Gen II HEMI engine block. It is nice to see how a brand like Mopar motivates racers and participants to show their best, isn't it?

As you might remember, the first Mopar HEMI Challenge was won by Bucky Hess back in 2001, followed by Richard Beshore in 2002, Jerry Jenkins in 2003 and Jeg Coughlin Jr. in 2004. And the driver with the most HEMI Challenge prizes is the champion Charlie Westcott Jr, who earned a total of six career wins in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2012 and 2014. This year's Mopar HEMI Challenge will take place September 2-7.

Source: Mopar