2021 Volkswagen Golf RNew Golf R comes with quite impressive performance rates, measuring 320hp and 420-newton meters of torque. What helps distributing and controlling this massive output is the new 4MOTION AWD system with torque vectoring on the rear axle. Also, this is the first Golf that will be geared with 4MOTIOR with Performance Torque Vectoring system.

New R Performance Package

The latest Golf R can also be specified with an optional Performance Package upgrade which increases the top speed of 270km/h and adds a sexy and more prominent rear spoiler for extra downforce on the rear axle. Also included are the 19-inch wheels in the Estoril design and two selectable driving modes – Special and Drift.

More control for the driver

2021 Volkswagen Golf R

In both models, stock or R Performance, the accelerator pedal has been crafted in such a way that enhances the feel of control over the acceleration process. This contributes to more comfortable and pleasurable driving experience and also gives an advantage when the driver drifts on snow and ice, or even on asphalt. In both vehicle variants, the gearbox is fine-tuned and calibrated to ensure that the 420Nm of output keeps a relatively high rpm.

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Also, for the first time since the introduction of DSG, the gearbox stays in manual mode if the driver has chosen so. The unwitting switching back to automatic mode is now a thing of the past. As it seems, this new tech approach is highly praised by professional racers who now benefit of more precise and secure control over the entire vehicle.

2021 Volkswagen Golf R

Source: Volkswagen