I look at her and the only thing that comes to my mind is a song by Freddie Mercury – "I am in love with my car". Fabulous curves, 19" rims in the back and 265/35/19 semi slick tires on the rear axle. Definitely a good start of the day. To be honest, I could just stare for hours and enjoy this engineering masterpiece.

However, there are far better things to do with more than 300 rwd horse power. Put yourself in the bucket seat. The two tone buckets embrace you in a firm manner to make sure you will not fly out of the window in a tight corner. On the inside, the NISMO 350z is far from the top-of-the-range equipment. No electric leather seats, no navigation system, no subwoofer in the back. It is all for a good reason. The lighter – the faster they say.

Nissan 350z Interior

My heart beats faster and faster as my right hand is putting the key in place. A small twist makes the 6 cylinders sing their song and the fascinating music from the NISMO tuned exhaust system starts playing with your senses.

First gear, watch out, tires run out fast, keep them for the corners, this car is not made for a straight line for sure. Not that it does not do 60 miles in less than 6 seconds or that it cannot easily cruise at 155 miles per hour(limited). Heading to the race track I can feel the grip getting better and better, tires are warmed up and ready to reveal the full potential of the car. The green lights come off and the rev counter violently jumps to the 7200 rpm rev limiter. A couple of corners and I understand what the geniuses from NISMO have done to the suspension. On the way to the track it felt almost comfy, on the track there is almost no rollover, the oversteer is predictable and great fun to tackle with. Getting onto the straight I start to fear that there is some beast behind me. Shifting up I can feel someone kicking me in the back, thank God, it turns out to be the massive 3500cc engine. Still dazzled by the acceleration I saw the hairpin coming. Thank you Brembo for these 330mm front rotors! The breaking is so violent , my heart stopped beating.  Lap after lap, lap after lap...

Nissan 350z

In about an hour a lamp flashed on the dash, time for the gas station.  I let the brakes and engine cool down. The well deserved car wash made the red paint look its best, it was time to go home.

If reading this you feel like buying one, you will have 4 exterior colors to choose from : Redline Red, Magnetic Black, Silver Alloy and Pikes Peak White. As for the interior there is only one option - black cloth seats with red inserts, a NISMO aluminum plate with a unique number on it and of course a leather steering wheel with red stitches. However, beware when driving out of the showroom! This is not your cozy Maxima and you'd better avoid speed bumps if you do not want to damage badly your exquisite front splitter. Amazingly however, similar to your Maxima, you can do 12 litres/100 km (about 20 mpg) cruising within the speed limits.

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