Nissan has unveiled two grades for the new Note Nismo : the standard model and the Note Nismo S. At first, Nissan plans to release the Nismo models at the Japanese market this autumn.

The stylish hatchback comes with some upgrades and new tricks for the exterior. The Japanese manufacturer emphasized the sports appearance by adding red hues for the mirrors caps, side skirts and front splitter.

The sport package also includes updated tires, a special 10-spoke alloy wheels with black inserts, improved front and rear bumpers, new front grille, updated side sills and a roof spoiler.

Nissan has also updated the powertrain, the chassis and the suspension, which are all based on Nismo's experience in motorsports that offers high performance with perfect balance. The new Nismo S comes with a specially-tuned engine connected to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

"The development concept of this model was to build a car that makes you want to keep driving, no matter where your destination may be. Nismo is confident that the Note Nismo will enhance your driving experience; it offers top level performance in a compact package,"said the Nismo's Chief Product Specialist Hiroshi Tamura.

Inside, the new Note Nismo offers sport seats made with red side and seat bolsters, and a Recaro seats as option for the Nismo S.

"Celebrating Nismo's 30th anniversary, we are planning to expand the number of models available in our road-car lineup. The Note Nismo we introduced today is truly symbolic to the Nismo brand in that it represents the fusion between motorsports that's embedded in Nismo's DNA and the success of the Note as a mass production vehicle. Nismo strives to offer a whole new experience of excitement. We are hoping that the Note Nismo will enable us to spread the spirit of Nismo to new consumers and adds to our existing customer base," added the Nissan Motorsports International (NISMO) President and CEO Shoichi Miyatani.



Source : Nissan