Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Front ViewNissan's X-Trail model is more famous in the United States under the name Rogue. Well, regardless the name, the model just got its hybrid version, which will be firstly distributed in Japan. The vehicle will go on sale on 13th of May in the country, but there are no details, whether this will happen in other places in a later time.

Equipped with a four-wheel drive and the 2.0-liter MR20DD hybrid engine, this vehicle is capable of delivering great performance and efficient driving. In addition, the eco-friendly X-Trail will have Forward Emergency Braking, thus expanding its standard equipment.

Intelligent Dual Clutch Control is the next feature that needs to be mentioned. One of the two clutches separates the motor from the engine completely. This helps the car drive in EV mode during high-speed situations and at the same time to realize efficient regeneration.

Speaking of efficiency, the model has been rated with fuel economy of 20.6km/l. Helping the powertrain in this good result is the XTRONIC transmission, which not only contributes to this great fuel efficiency but also to a superior acceleration.

Next, the high-output lithium-ion battery is very compact and this allows the luggage capacity of the vehicle to exceed 400 liters. The good news continues, because the X-Trail Xtreamer-X and Black Xtreamer-X limited editions will also receive hybrid variants, adding to Nissan's range of "PURE DRIVE" vehicles.

We really hope to see the hybrid version of the X-Trail coming to other countries.

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