New Aerokit from Porsche Exclusive is now here for all 911 Turbo and Turbo S models. The performance package will add to the exclusiveness of the car and gives it more character and sportiness to its traditional silhouette. Precisely, it includes new front spoiler with side fins as well as an entirely redesigned rear deck lid. The latter has a fixed rear spoiler with side winglets while maintaining the automatically adjusting rear wing.

But the attractive look wasn't priority number one for the designers. In fact, the aerodynamic function was a top goal during development of the Aerokit. There were extensive tests conducted in the wind tunnel as well as many test drives on the test circuit at the Porsche Development Center in Germany.

The end goal was to enhance the driving dynamics by further improving the downforce. At the same time, Porsche preserved the same coefficient of drag as the standard equipment. The result is a proper integration of the flow-optimized Aerokit into the harmoniously balanced overall concept.

To make an example, the aerodynamic components of the "Aerokit Turbo" create even more downforce at the front and rear axles. This in turn increases driving stability at high speeds. The total downforce generated by the 911 Turbo adaptive aerodynamics at 186 mph on the track was increased to 57 lbs in the Speed setting, and to 331 lbs in the Performance setting.

There are two versions of the "Aerokit Turbo". The first one is in car's body color, while the second one is in high-gloss black. Next to the goodies coming from the kit, there are also side skirts and rear fascia painted in the body color. In the black version only, the air intake cover on the rear lid is painted black.

Porsche Exclusive's "Aerokit Turbo" is currently on sale with a starting price of $6,950 USD.

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Source: Porsche