RECON MC8 Front and Side View with girl Potter & Rich Audi R8 RECON MC8 is one of the most extreme vehicles I have seen recently. Besides the very special photo-shoot that the car received and the exclusive pictures, this Audi has a lot more to show. Proudly presented by Potter & Rich we can't get enough of it!

Named "RECON MC8", the vehicle wouldn't be in this condition if it wasn't the work of many specialists. The first company that took part in this project was mcchip-dkr. It actually developed the bolide and built it by hand. Spectacular, isn't it?

RECON MC8 and its Engine

RECON MC8 Rear and Side View

At the heart of the RECON MC8 is the serial V10 engine. However, it isn't in its stock form, but has been charged by mcchip-dkr refitted compressor. In addition, the unit was also equipped with high performance pistons and forged conrod.

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The result is as extraordinary as 1000HP… Well, almost 1000HP. The powerplant produces actually 950 HP (699 kW) with 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque! Well, that's a thing, isn't it? An interesting fact is that the software was developed on company's own test stand, and in this setup, it was tested on German highways and on race tracks like the Ascari Race Resort in the Spanish Marbella and Nurburgring's Northern loop.

What makes this tuning very special is what has happened next. First, the tuners decided to substitute the factory-set four-wheel-drive with a rear-wheel drive. This is for the sake of sportier behavior.

In addition, the Drexler differential lock warrants for a significantly better traction behavior during acceleration and in cornering limits. On the other hand, the seven-speed double coupling gear box brings the concentrated power quasi transition-free down to the road.

Safety Comes First

RECON MC8 Side View

The stopping power is ensured by the efficient Brembo motorsports braking system. But what is making the car safer is the one-off KW automotive-made motorsports chassis, paired with hydraulic air system (KW HLS).

Better Sound for the Sensitive Ears

RECON MC8 can also mesmerize you with the sound it makes when the engine is on. It is a result from the cooperation of both Capristo and mcchip-dkr teams. They have developed an innovative sound system that is fully adjustable.


Well, we must admit that the exterior is definitely the "Thing" that catches the eye (probably the girl on the pics below, too).  The external appearance of this special Audi R8 is characterized by the original Audi R8 LMS Ultra Carbon Body kit. It features impressive optics and low weight, great front flaps, front splitter and massive GT3 rear spoiler.

Wheels and tires have been changed too, and here the work is ought to the specialists at BBS motorsport. They have chosen wider carbon fiber wheels fitted with low-profiles: 11x18 inches with 305/30 ZR18 at the front and 13x18 inches with 335/30 ZR18 at the rear. But there is another wheel-tire combination offered, which is more suitable for ‘everyday life'. It is the three-part LV1 MB-Design rims in 9x20 inches with 245/30 ZR20 rubbers at the front and 11.5x21 with 305/25 ZR21 at the rear.


RECON MC8 Interior - Take a Look

RECON MC8 seems as comfortable as hell! Parts of the serial R8-V10-Plus have been coated by finest Alcantara in contrasting colors. The instrument cluster was completed by a speedometer extension of up to 430 kmph/270 mph.

And if you happen to like this car so much that you want to buy it, then we have good news for you: it is currently on sale. There is no specific pricing announced, but be prepared for something…epic. And don't forget to enjoy these awesome pictures in the gallery below!

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Source: Potter & Rich via Miranda Media