Rinspeed Σtos Concept Front ViewRinspeed Σtos Concept that has been teased in October this year has been just released with abundant gallery and information about it. I'm going to tell you the most interesting part and let you dive into the see of images in our gallery below. The hybrid sports car will be premiered in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), far far away from the Switzerland, manufacturer's home. So let's see the details here.

The Hyper High-Tech Interior

Σtos is a self-driving with a lot of technical highlights, especially throughout the interior. Take for instance the folding and retracting steering wheel from ZF TRW, which disappears in the dashboard in a few seconds. And as you can see from the pictures, this creates lots of space in front letting the driver enjoy in a comfort the old-fashioned way… a book. Or they can work in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, the position of the two curved 21.5-inch Ultra HD widescreen monitors is adjustable to provide an even better view of what's on display.

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Rinspeed Σtos Concept: Man Reading Inside

The infotainment experience is secured by the innovative Harman Connected Car technologies. They come in help in terms of destinations, route selection, tourist attractions, refueling, parking, making phone calls, music, videos or personal preferences. Basically, "Σtos" gets to know the appointments, wishes and needs of the occupants. Even more, the concept responds promptly to voice commands, gestures, touch input, controller or the push of a button.

The inviting interior, is built with the help of leather and synthetic substrates, which form an abundance of patterns, functions and surfaces. The relaxed feel-good atmosphere is also complemented by the embroidered on the seats skyline of San Francisco. Polymer specialists at Rehau have developed the innovative lightweight-construction dashboard and the clever bracket for the luggage shelf with detachable umbrella holder.

The Self-Driving Experience

Rinspeed Σtos Concept Interior

Thanks to a total of eight HD exterior cameras, the car has an expanded field of vision that has no blind spots. The vehicle navigation also displays realistic 3D images of buildings, trees, bus stops, subway stations, etc. The information is of course linked to the cell phone, thus resulting free phone or video calls without interruption. This technology also allows smooth media streaming as well as efficient and targeted vehicle updates.

Everything is also linked to the traffic infrastructure such as traffic lights or traffic management systems and to other cars. In addition, the 'E-Horizon' delivers innovative safety and convenience features.

One of the most exclusive and "first" features here is the DJI drone, which has a landing platform in the rear. However, an armada of 12,000 individually controlled LEDs can transform this platform into an electronic message board. Speaking of the drone, it can deliver some very cool and contemporary services like making a "selfie" of the ride in the Σtos.

The Concept Car

Rinspeed Σtos Concept Rear View with Drone

Being a technological marvel, this car is based on the BMW i8. It is stylish, fast and furious, and it also rides on deep black and shiny 20-inch Borbet GTX aluminum rims. The glass roof and the "drone pad" in the rear were made from especially strong, lightweight and thin Gorilla glass. In addition, the aluminum front structure and the carbon fiber passenger cell also contribute for the lightweight design.

Rinspeed Σtos Concept will make its official debut on January 5th, at the CES. It will be part of the exclusive HARMAN event in the Muse Hall of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The European premiere of the car is scheduled for the Geneva Motor Show, March 1.

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