At the end of the last year it was announced that Rinspeed microMAX Concept will make its first official world reveal at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. This comprehensive mobility concept is developed by the joint efforts of Rinspeed and Harman.

As a matter of fact they call the microMAX - the networked swarm car. With this concept Frank M. Rinderknecht, the boss of Rinspeed, transfers the idea of swarm intelligence to urban traffic and sets out to do nothing less than bring it to higher level.

The ingenious commuter vehicle combines personal and public transportation. Here Harman supplied it with "urbanSWARM" community concept based on the Harman Cloud platform, which involves company's individual technical features that are already available commercially today with a comprehensive Cloud-based mobility concept.

To be more precise, this allows effortless access to navigation functions in real time. Based on the information from all vehicles connected to the swarm, the system can modify the routes dynamically to account for current traffic.

More importantly, the microMAX owners are part of modern mobility community that allows all vehicles to be utilized with maximum flexibility. A special app custom-developed by Harman for this purpose gives all road users who are looking for a transport option and are part of the selected community access to the new mobility concept.

How it works: potential riders only need to enter their destination, and then the "urbanSWARM" community steps in by using Cloud technology to access the collective information and experience of the entire swarm of vehicles to do the rest. Because the system has information about routes, destinations, traveling speeds and occupancy of all vehicles in the swarm, it calculates potential ride opportunities in real time.

The concept has a length of 3.7 meters, but offers plenty of space for the driver, three passengers and an unfolded stroller or shopping cart. Its height is of 2.2 meters and permits the installation of comfortable and space-saving upright seats equipped with a custom-developed safety belt system from TRW, a top vendor in the vehicle safety sector.

Moreover, the modern interior was made by the specialist Hornschuch and the special textiles were delivered by Strähle&Hess. In the cabin, all occupants enjoy such amenities as a coffee maker, refrigerator for refreshments and unlimited connectivity for entertainment purposes or they can even work while on the move.

Something that impressed me a lot is that the spacious interior has an airy and light feeling. You can receive the same impression by the video below which shows all of the assets of this concept vehicle. The clearly arranged VDO instrument panel dominates the area in front of the driver. It includes a central control unit which has been custom-programmed by software service provider Noser.

Furthermore, the command center for the "urbanSWARM" community platform is the 19-inch HD touchscreen from Harman, which includes a multi-dimensional HMI (Human Machine Interface) and offers expanded display functions.

Of course, microMAX is an all-electric vehicle powered by a forklift drive system from world market leader Linde Material Handling. The system is recharged at intelligent charging stations.

Behind the unusual design of the microMAX stays an aim for a change in a long-term attitudes to short-distance transport by cleverly bringing together private and public use in individual travel. The idea is to encourage potential passengers to join the driver for the ride. This would slash carbon dioxide emissions and travel costs at a stroke while radically reducing traffic congestion. A choice of models and extras make the microMAX incredibly adaptable, and it can be fitted out

We are to see the new microMAX Concept debuting on 7th of March in Geneva. Until then, a great impression of what this vehicle is like leaves the video below. Enjoy!

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