The new TECHART Aerokit I program for Porsche 911 models explicitly expresses the silhouette and details that characterize the Porsche brand.  Inside, you select from high quality materials to customize your automobile for comfort and style.  Outside is distinguished by the front spoiler with braking cooling ducts, front grille inserts, side skirts, mirror inserts, and headlight rings designed to accentuate your individuality.  Designed in a wind tunnel, the aerodynamics  are unrivaled.  A roof spoiler and a choice of three different wings (Rear Wing I, Rear Wing III, or Rear Wing IV) offer precise downforce adjustments on the rear axle.  For optimum performance, outfit your Porsche with TECHART Formula I, II, or the new light-weight one-piece forged Formula III wheels.

Exterior & Aerodynamics

The TECHART Aerokit I for the Porsche 911 models is not only unique by its unsurpassed exterior design but also because of its inner values. Developed in the wind tunnel. Entierly manufactured of high quality polyurethane RIM.

The Front Spoiler I underlines the dynamic design of your 911. It reduces effectively the buoyant forces at the front axle and ensures optimal flow of cooling air to the braking system. The air inlets at the front apron come with new decorative crossbars. Newly shaped trims for the side mirrors and headlights set fine highlights. The side skirts emphasize the strong side lines.

A roof spoiler as well as three different types of rear wings enable precise aerodynamic adjustments at the rear axle. Such as the elegant Rear Wing I, the distinctive Rear Wing III with its static wing profile or the sporty and variable Rear Wing IV. It features a ram-air system with air inlets as well as an additional adjustable spoiler profile (Gurney flap).

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Chassis & Technology

Real individuality does also require flexibility. From our point of view, flexibility means that your vehicle adapts to your personal needs ? not vice versa.

The TECHART coil-over suspensions VARIO for vehicles without and VARIOPlus for vehicles with PASM enable a precise chassis setup according to the surrounding conditions. For everyday use and on the racetrack. Both systems include sports springs with main and helper springs and shock absorbers with adjustable compression and rebound.

However, in exceptional cases, we do focus on decreased flexibility instead: such as your brake lines. Steel-flex brake lines ensure an optimal pressure point at a consistent pedal force and an easy brake force regulation. Even on heavy duty. Other than conventional brake lines, which may allow the pedal travel to vary (fading) due to high brake fluid temperature, the steel-covered Teflon tubes prevent this effect.

TECHART dual-tube stainless steel tailpipes in double-oval design, track widening and spacer kits as well as painted calipers underline the sporty character of your personal 911.

360° of individuality. TECHART light alloy wheels

Genuine TECHART wheels embody consistent design and inimitable style. No matter which of the three wheel designs you may choose, besides the attractive standard color variants, all TECHART wheels are available in individually matched custom colors.

The classic five-spoke TECHART Formula® light alloy wheel. It is available in 18-, 19- and 20-inch size for your Porsche 911. Its elegant flowing shape incorporates large spaces between the spokes. This results not only in a clear view of the braking system but in effective heat dispersal.

TECHART Formula II®. The sportive evolution of the classic combines the lighter weight of a monoblock wheel and the racy character of a multipart styling in 19- and 20-inch. All TECHART Formula II® wheels come with a replaceable polished stainless steel outer rim.

A clear statement of sportiness: the TECHART Formula III® forged light alloy wheel in 19- and 20-inch size with five dynamically shaped twin-spokes. The particularly low weight and the significantly reduced unsprung masses directly result in an enhanced driving performance.

Interior & Comfort.

There is nothing as precious as your independence. Why should you let anyone else decide how to personalize your Porsche 911?

TECHART handcrafted interiors are world famous for an extraordinary level of quality and accuracy. Select materials, tastefully coordinated colors, a sense of design with unmatched precision and craftsmanship. All this you will feel immediately. It is our very aim to turn your individual vision of your personal 911 interior into reality.

Whether you prefer to set selective highlights or entrust us to create your unique interior design to your specifications in every detail. TECHART sets no limits to what is possible.

The master craftsmen of the TECHART in-house saddlery are at your service and willing to share their years of experience to give personal advise. The result is not only visible. You will be able to sense it.