Tesla Motors has announced the first deliveries of its astonishing Roadster electric highway-capable high-performance ride to Canada. Some of the lucky owners have already shared its first emotions with its new, high-end eco vehicle: "It is both a personal and collective statement of optimism for a better future, as well as fun and actually practical transportation."

This weekend Tesla also hosted a public test drive in Waterloo, which gathered lots of curious customers, enthusiasts and fans. With its first Canadian store scheduled for later this year, Tesla Motors is revolutionizing the customer experience with the house-call approach to service, at which the brand's pioneering mobile service technicians, the Tesla Rangers, travel to customers' homes and perform annual inspections, firmware upgrades and other services.

The Tesla Roadster Sport is offering its customers over a 380 km driving range on a single charge. Ready to be re-charged at any conventional outlet, it estimates an acceleration sprint of 0-100km in less than four seconds, emitting zero tailpipe emissions and dramatically low carbon footprint.

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