2019-Aston-Martin-Lagonda-910Over the years, the Geneva International Motor Show has built itself something of a reputation. It can showcase extraordinary feats of car manufacturing as if from companies like Romans International, or feature surprising concept vehicles that would never be made commercially available. With 2019's iteration of the event in full swing, car enthusiasts are embroiled in all the excitement.

However, it'd be an understatement to say that the auto industry is struggling lately in the UK due to an onslaught of political and economic influences. In light of this, these showcases are highly important to the motor industry; they rejuvenate interest in the sector and innovate cars to be more efficient as time goes by.

Consequently, here're some of the most outlandish concept vehicles presented as part of the Geneva International Motor Show.

Citroen Ami One

A two-seater wonder, the Citroen Ami One is bizarre to behold. It's reportedly less than 1.5m wide, weighs less than 450kh in total and has a top speed of a very modest 28mph. Apparently, these factors mean that the car could be driven without a driving licence in some countries. What could be more outlandish than this? Still, it's good for those who want to get around without traveling far or on hectic motorways.

Because of its very small stature and modest capabilities, the car is very affordably built and theoretically easy to run too. It certainly fits the radical nature of a concept vehicle, due to its cheap costs in development and maintenance work. The driver's door is rear hinged, and the internal components are kept to a minimum. Ultimately, the Citroen Ami One is what some would call a nifty city car, and others, a strange proposition!

Ferrari Modulo

It's not all about boxy vehicles; concept sports cars feature at the motor shows too! The Ferrari Modulo featured at the Geneva International Motor Show almost 50 years ago in 1970. Its bodywork was verging on being completely flat, with partly covered wheels also adding to that feeling of a low bearing (and irritating to turn) vehicle. There certainly was nothing like it, nor has there been anything that's akin to this brand of incredulity for years.

The Ferrari Modulo can steadily climb to top speeds of 220mph, doing 0-60 of that in 3.1 seconds alone. For all intents and purposes, this car mostly won favour for its aesthetical value; the terms ‘futuristic' and ‘spaceship' weren't lost at all on observers. In the end, the Ferrari Modulo was always cooler to look at than really serving up as a practical concept supercar.

Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain Concept

Time now to return to the present, and another concept car that's in store at the 2019 iteration of the Geneva International Motor Show; the Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain Concept. Of course, Aston Martin are more renowned for their work with slim, ultra-expensive James Bond-like supercars; so why are they presenting an all-terrain SUV concept vehicle this year?

It's not just all-terrain, but all-electric too; this shade of amazement has its batteries tucked safely away in the flooring of the concept vehicle. Rear hinged doors once again feature, alongside bizarre features like the inventive front seats. These can reportedly be rotated to face the passengers in the back, which while useful on an indoor-car picnic, probably won't see much use beyond a concept showcase. The car is hoped to go into production in 2022.