The all-new Toyota Aygo receives some tiny improvements which have a major impact on the car. The Eibach Pro-Kit and Pro-Spacer stand for dynamism, a lot of action and more confident look attributed to the car. All Eibach Suspension Components are available through authorized dealer. They also come with a high-quality corrosion protection and are TÜV-certified.

With the installation of the Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs, cruising around the city transforms into a fun and more pleasurable driving experience. What is more, they give the Toyota Aygo a refreshed look. Due to the lowering of the center of gravity, the 3.46m short body exhibits a certain dynamic appeal. Precisely, the Pro-Kit is part of the Eibach B12 Pro-Kit and it contributes to the refinement of the car by offering:

  • exceptional-performance handling;
  • lower center of gravity by lowering the vehicle up to 40 mm (depending on car model)
  • innovative spring design and sufficient ride quality.

The Eibach Pro-Spacer Wheel Spacers focus on the Aygo's X-front and outline the self-confidence of the model from all angles. Pro-Spacer, is created from high-tensile-strength aluminum alloy and adds up to the outstanding handling and appearance of the Toyota Aygo. It also offers:

  • exact fitment by implementing minimal production tolerances which results in excellent wheel balance;
  • all applications tested in rigid durability- and fatigue tests;
  • high-grade corrosion protection through a special coating process (salt spray test according to DIN 50021);
  • considerable weight advantage compared to wheel spacers made from steel;

Eibach Toyota Aygo (2014) - picture 1 of 2
Eibach Toyota Aygo (2014) - picture 2 of 2

Source: Eibach