2016 Toyota Prius+Toyota makes some changes to the Prius+. They aim to improve the overall quality of driving and deliver even more refined driving experience. The ground-braking C-segment MVP has undergone some serious revisions and improvements to its continuously variable gearbox and the acceleration. So, let's check out more!

As you might know, Toyota's engineers have been able to maintain acceleration performance while reducing engine revs by about 1,000rpm by using more electric power to support the 1.8-liter VVT-i Atkinson cycle petrol power unit. The result is more relaxed and smoother ride, reinforced by quiet, responsive and intuitive hybrid technology. Sweet.

The cabin has also undergone some changes and improvements and now is quieter and a bit wider with the insulation and absorption measures made on the door frames, lower section of the side and rear doors and more.

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Using a compact lithium-ion hybrid batter, placed under the front seats, the Prius+ is able to provide enough space for up to seven. Also, as we talk about interior features,  the design team also included the latest Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system. Also new to the standard equipment is the Toyota Touch 2 with Go pack that enriches the map and connectivity database.

Also, the range of exterior paint finishes is expanded by the new Phantom Blue.

Source: Toyota