toyota miraiToyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is almost here and offers some wonderful energy consumption. In fact, the vehicle can drive a range of about 312 miles with a single fill of the hydrogen galloon. Future is here. Almost. Furthermore, the latest Mirai is the only zero emission electric vehicle, that will go for more than 300 miles with one fill. So, let's check out some more details.

Toyota Mirai and what it has to offer

The Mirai is a four-door sedan, that offers a driving feel, completely different from what a combustion engine offers. You know, if you want experiences never felt before, you should do things, never done before. And Toyota team knows it perfectly. Now the Mirai consumes hydrogen, oxygen and fuel cell and emits only water vapor. Yes, we have already seen such technology, but we haven't seen it work so well on a vehicle.

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And there are even more goodies, that come with the Toyota Mirai. Along with the impressive driving experience, the vehicle also offers impressive ownership features. For example, you get three year's worth of complimentary fuel; three years of 24/7 call support, Mirai Complimentary Rental Experience for seven days per year. Furthermore, ToyotaCare, which is a sort of a maintenance program, that also has a lot to offer.  For example, you will have no cost maintenance for three years, or 35, 000 miles; 8-year/100,000-mile warranty for the fuel cell unit, along with the FC stack, power control units, hybrid battery pack and ECU.

toyota mirai

As you can see, Toyota Mirai really has a lot of things to offer, and the best of all is, that the team encourages customers to try out and ask for all the included warranties and extras, that come with the vehicle. And the even better part is, that Toyota strictly follows the road to better economy, technology and quality. And with the creation of the electric vehicle, the brand will really  set new benchmark in the motorsport industry.

Source: Toyota