2021 Toyota MiraiToyota was one of the first brands to introduce a mass-production electric vehicle back in 1997 with the debut of Prius Hybrid. Almost 20 years later, in 2015, the Mirai was unveiled – the first hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle. And as it seems, Toyota team is ready for the next step – presenting a revised version of the Mirai (meaning "future" in Japanese).

The new futuristic machine is based on brand's premium rear-wheel drive platform and debuts a dramatic design with tons of interior goodies. Expected to go on sale in late 2020, the vehicle will also feature Toyota's hydrogen FCEV powertrain technology. Let's find out more, shall we?

At its core, Mirai is an electric vehicle, but it doesn't need to be plugged in in order to charge. The FCEV system generates its own electricity onboard from hydrogen and oxygen, with water as the only emission.

2021 Toyota Mirai

In terms of styling, new Mirai is based on a rear-wheel platform, which is a major departure from the original front-wheel drive version. This new setup allows for a highly rigid body that is lower, longer and wider, with its bold stance accentuated by exclusive 20-inch alloys. The design is definitely more aerodynamic, sexy and elegant.

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Furthermore, by taking advantage of the new platform, the engineering team has managed to ensure more interior space. Along with the cutting-edge technologies, the interior features more than enough leg- and headroom, all along with soft and luxurious ambience.

2021 Toyota Mirai

These are the details that the prominent brand has shared with us. For further information stick with us!

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