2019 Vilner Bulgaria Trabant 601Atanas Vilner says that everyone born before 1990 would instantly recognize a Trabant when sees one. Being a symbol of separation and of several generations, this small machine still brings tons of memories for those who have lived back in the day in Eastern Europe. Even after 1990s, this particular machine remains one of the most popular in the area.

Casually named the East-German VW Beetle, Trabant still can undergo upgrades and changes that would make it contemporary looking and confident on the streets. The one that has entered the Vilner studio is of the latest produced. It is Trabant 601 and is geared with a 1.0-liter VW Polo Mkl engine with gear stick on the floor instead on the dashboard.

Again in designers' words, the vehicle has received interior trimming, which was never before applied to a Trabant machine. It has retained this retro vibe and well-known ambience, but it was crafted with all contemporary techniques and fabrics.

2019 Vilner Bulgaria Trabant 601

Dominated by leather and textile, the cabin showcases neat new cover for the seats from Ivory Soft leather with the original design still present. There are also leather and textile components on the dashboard in Charcoal Black theme.

Furthermore, the steering wheel was changed with a Momo design, also covered with black leather and contrast stitching. There's also a large 21 badge in the center. This is due to the fact that Atanas Vilner's favorite number is indeed 21 and all "Sachsenring Karosseriemodule" marking were changed with this particular number. One can see it on the B-colons, in the center of the wheels, doors and even on the roof. Neat! In fact, the inner part of the roof is covered with exclusive textile design that can also be seen on the new leather gear shift stick. The radio is intentionally left untouched in order to contribute to this retro ambience and boost the authenticity of the interior.

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In terms of exterior, it is still that instantly recognizable, but there are some modern touches and accents. For example, there are new LED headlights as the daylights also work as turning signal light. All panels have been revised and in order to top it off, designers have changed the wheels and have received textile artwork and a badge with owner's favorite number.

2019 Vilner Bulgaria Trabant 601


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