2019 Volkswagen Beetle After numerous generations and countless models, the Volkswagen Beetle calls it a day. There's one final vehicle produced at the Mexico Puebla plant – a Denim Blue coupe – which will be on display at VW's museum in Puebla as a tribute to manufacturer's rich and influential heritage.

Originally introduced as "Type 1", there were more than 5 million units sold solely in the US. Back in 1998 there was created a "New Beetle", which adopted the so-called modern retro design language. It presented a well-known silhouette and new gadgets and was rather well-accepted among fans and enthusiasts. In 2011 the manufacturer presented a third (and current) generation, which also caught the eye of customers – there are about 500,000 machines sold at this moment.

Sold both in coupe and convertible trims, the second and third generation Beetles have been produced in 23 different exterior body finishes, 32 interior design ideas and 13 engine configurations. There are a total of 19 special editions, including the Dune, Denim, Coast and PinkBeetle. All of these second and third generation machines have been produced in the VW de Mexico, Puebla plant and have been sold through 91 markets worldwide.

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After the celebration, the final Beetle will be at VW's museum in the city of Puebla, Mexico. The last car features custom dashes, keys and quilted seats. It will join America's collection of historic vehicles.

2019 Volkswagen Beetle

Source: Volkswagen