2026 Volkswagen Trinity Volkswagen gives us the first glimpse of Project Trinity: an electrically powered sedan with expanded range, new technologies and an overall new approach towards the EV sector.

The name comes from the Latin "Trinitas" and means tri-unity. As it comes to the project, there are indeed three new approaches: a newly developed electronics platform with modern software, a simplification of the supply structure, and intelligent production at the main plant in Wolfsburg.

In the future, the individual configuration of the vehicle will no longer be determined by the hardware at the time of purchase. Instead, customers will be able to add functions on demand at any time via the digital ecosystem in the car, says Ralf Brandstätter.


What we know so far is that some of the future vehicles will be produced with fewer variants and the hardware will be standardized for all models across the lineup. Also, the vehicles will have an extended list of utility features that will be activated on demand by occupants at any level via the fully-digital cockpit and advanced VW digital ecosystem. This not only aims to enhance the comfort of driving but also is expected to significantly reduce the complexity in production.

Along with presenting us with a vehicle, the Volkswagen team is also aiming at developing a software-based product. VW team aims at creating the right conditions for new data-based business models. This means that entry barriers to individual mobility will be lowered and at the same time, VW will offer more attractive user packages. What they will also try is to generate more customer interest by changing the energy and software services that customers will be able to customize.

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