Volvo XC90 Excellence Side VIewAre you looking inside of a Rolls-Royce? No. This is Volvo's XC90 Excellence. The other shocking news is that it has been prepared to debut at the Shanghai International Automobile Show, so we won't have the chance to get our hands on it. It is actually very sad news, because this is Swedish company's most luxurious vehicle ever built.

A four-seater, this car has been created with the aim to be individual and distinctive. And so it is. Although it has been based on the XC90, this vehicle has nothing to do with it. The first difference is in the seats: the original version has a plenty of seven, while hear are only four. This of course speaks of more space for the occupants, which is also used to bring about First Class experience.

Speaking of luxury, we should begin at first with the individual rear seats, which are comfortable and include massage, ventilation and more space for the legs. For those lucky to travel at the back, there is a retractable control touchscreen, folding tables and a refrigerator. Inside one finds bottle and glass holders, heating/cooling cup holder and Orrefors handmade crystal glasses. Just like in a proper Rolls-Royce, isn't it?

There is even more to that, we haven't mention the footrests for the passengers, ambient lighting inside the cabin, illuminated storage and the leather with so many accents. The luggage compartment is divided via screen, there is additional noise insulation complemented by Pirelli Noise Cancelling System tyres (PNCS).

Furthermore, the XC90 Excellence is also equipped with Bowers & Wilkins audio system with 19 speakers, integrated ionic air cleaner in the CleanZone climate system, leather instrument panel with contrasting stitching and Nabuck leather headliner. Other styling differentiators feature Excellence rank mark, chrome B- and C-pillar cappings and lower door mouldings.

Our regret is only that we can't be the first to see this unique car. Those in Shanghai will be advantageous. However, XC90 Excellence will be distributed globally later this year, but only in selected markets.

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