2019 AudiThere are few automobile brands as established, popular and pioneering as Audi. The German manufacturer has a long history of creating high-desirable, modern vehicles and they are amongst the most common cars seen on the roads. So, what is so great about Audi? Read on to find out more.


Audi is considered one of the German "Big Three" can makers along with BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Audi's origins date back to 1885 but did not start manufacturing automobiles in 1910 with the Audi Type A Sport-Phaeton but it was not until WWII that Audi started to establish itself as a key name. This is when technology became a key point of the brand's cultural identity when it became the first European car company to offer a six-cylinder, front-wheel drive model.

The Modern Era

Ever since then, Audio has been a pioneer when it comes to technology which is key particularly in today's day and age where new car tech is hugely important. The modern era started in the 60s when VW Group acquired the brand from Daimler-Benz and since this time the brand has worked hard to maintain its stylish, luxury and progressive identity.

Key Areas

Audi has achieved this through focusing on a few key areas that separate the brand from VW cars and to appeal to an upmarket audience. Their key areas of focus are making sure that the driving experience is comfortable and quiet, by offering luxury interiors which feel more like lounges than car interiors, through the introduction of four-wheel drive and their elegant yet understated styling.

Range of Vehicles

Another reason that Audi has managed to retain such popularity over the years is the fact that it produces an automobile for practically every type of motorist. This means that all lifestyles and tastes are catered for which opens them up to a much wider audience and makes them a popular choice from leasing from companies like ZenAuto. There is a wide range of Audi's to choose from right now, but a few of their key models include the A1 hatchback, the Q2 small SUV, the A4 saloon and the iconic TT coupe which remains a highly popular automobile.

Audi is one of the biggest and most popular automobile manufacturers in the world and it is easy to see why. They have a long history of manufacturing luxury, comfortable, stylish and technologically-advanced automobiles which any motorist will enjoy driving. Additionally, they have models in practically every class so there is a type for every motorist too.