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Audi News

audi presents new e-tron launch edition model

There’s a this saying – camera never lies. And maybe this is why Audi has decided to incorporate two HD cameras in the latest e-tron Launch Edition model that replace the door mirrors. These virtual door mirrors are among the most prominent technological features in the new all-electric Audi machine. In fact, new Launch Editions offer extended list of specifications and standard features that not only raise the overall value of the models, but also contribute to that overall sexiness and all-terrain capabili

dte systems crew takes a closer look at the new audi q8

Audi has just launched a new SUV in the face of the sexy Q8 and although it has caught the attention of both enthusiasts, there were people who believed that this machine can deliver even better performance rates. Given that the TDI engine delivers a total of 286hp and 600Nm of torque, it is hard to believe that this v

audi announces details about the new e-tron suv. here's what we know so far!

With the introduction of a new e-tron SUV Audi aims to showcase that new vehicles can be both sexy and agile without sacrificing quality or technological features. With vast proportions and tons of ambitions, the latest and most advanced Audi SUV hits the roads – let’s see what this bad boy has to offer! Exterior styling The e-tron reflects Audi’s new age design concept – it is stylish and yet aggressive. It features an octagonal-styled

new q8 suv showcases advanced drivetrain features - details here!

With tons of functionality and practicality, Audi’s latest SUV machine hits the roads with confidence and style. The vehicle is richly equipped and offers enough technological gadgets and engineering goodies to impress even brand’s sceptics. So, let’s see what this bad boy is all about! Exterior styling Audi Q8 introduces new SUV design concept for both exterior and interior. This means that there’s new octagonal Singleframe grille desi

audi reveals further details about the new rs 5 sportback machine

2019 RS 5 Sportback is one of these new guys in the family that are capable of focusing all the attention towards themselves. Coming to markets at the end of 2018, this vehicle will offer impeccable balance between sexy design, functionality and refined driving dynamics. Let’s check out more! Exterior styling The body of the new RS 5 Sportback is definitely an aggressive one and comes with numerous changes and additions, along with inspiratio

audi showcases more details about the new a7 coupe

The new 2019 Audi A7 is here and we are eager to know more and showcase everything that this bad boy has to offer. Built on the success of the first generation and featuring tons of contemporary gadgets and engineering solutions, the new family guy aims at the highest goals: remain favorite for Audi fans and enthusiast

german custom special presents a sexy audi q7 monster

Audi Q7 is one of brand’s most popular and beloved vehicles. And throughout the years the engineering and design team have done their best in order to deliver us even better and more refined version of the SUV. However, there are people who desire for more. And then there are these who can deliver it. In this case

audi announces further details for the new q3 family suv

The new Audi Q3 is here and it has a lot to showcase. This is the second generation of the family SUV and it is way more advanced, confident and capable, compared to its siblings. And just like its premium brothers, the new guy features extensive infotainment solutions, innovative assist programs and refined drivetrain

audi announces new upgrade pack for 2019 a4 lineup

Although being refined and overall good vehicle, Audi A4 receives further upgrades – the design team will soon showcase a comprehensive package for the 2019 model year saloon and Avant range. The pack would feature just the right number of additions and details and as expected, these goodies will be of highest qualit

audi upgrades the a7 sportback with new engine

The already appealing Audi A7 Spotback receives further upgrades – the latest units in the lineup will be geared with new V6 TDI engine that produces a total of 231hp and 500Nm of torque. Expected to deliver even smoother and more pleasurable ride, the new system is also expected to meet WLTP-certified emissions of 147g/km. What makes this new engine special is the 48V mild-hybrid engine that is fitted as standard and works in perfect harmony with the rest of the powertrain components. It is as efficient as th

audi presents the latest q8 suv machine. check it out! [video]

The latest Audi Q8 machine is finally here and we are thrilled to tell you more about it. This is brand’s SUV that would offer advanced connectivity, infotainment and assistance systems, along with revised and improved driving capabilities. So, let’s see what exactly makes this one better than predecessor models and other rivals in the segment. Exterior styling The latest Q8 introduces new design language. Of course, these well-known Au

z-performance team refines an audi rs 3 model

Audi RS 3 is surely one of brand’s most popular and beloved models. And since it got a neat facelift back in 2017, the sporty vehicle proved to anyone that it can be a mighty rival to any other machine in the segment. However, engineers at Z-Performance decided to see whether they can make the vehicle even more appealing to customers and enthusiasts. The tuning team has decided that they would focus more on the drivetrain system rather than improving the exterior features of the RS 3. For this particular proje