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Lexus News

lexus demonstrated the lf-fc concept at the 2015 tokyo motor show

Lexus unveiled the special LF-FC Concept vehicle at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and demonstrated its future plans for concept, technology and design. The vehicle comes with high output fuel cell system and special rear-wheel-drive system. All the innovative technologies incorporated in the LF-FC Concept do contribute for high torque distribution, along with dynamic handling and neat stability. The LF-FC features and sweet styling theme, incorpor

lexus team asks you how many are the roads to the top?

Lexus has launched the marketing campaign for the restyled 2016 Lexus LX 570, the sport utility vehicle that blends luxury with off-road flexibility. The LX will go head-to-head in a friendly competition with Lexus' flagship vehicle, the LS Sedan and will climb a mountain in the Austrian Alps. And while the LS will

lexus rx 450h: dangerously beautiful

Lexus RX has created its nationwide success with an interesting approach that changed forever the appearance of the global SUV market. And now the spirit remains high with the latest fourth generation RX which will make a big leap ahead in terms of design and flexibility. This new vehicle will remain true to its roots, but it will also demonstrate the tendencies of the new age. SEE ALSO: Lexus Prepares for 2016 With Upgrades on the RC Lineup And as the name Seductive Strength informs, all asp

lexus prepares for 2016 with upgrades on the rc lineup

As you might remember, the RC luxury was introduced for Lexus' stable for the 2015 season and now it returns for 2016 model year with even more engine options and variations. The new RC 200t and the RC 300 AWD joince the RC 350 for even more luxurious features and even more drivetrain flexibility. Furthermore, the Lexu

lexus launches the is 200t model. but is it that interesting?

Lexus has combined its recently launched turbocharged engine with the design of the well-known sports sedan and the result is interesting: customers will get a blend of performance, dynamics and efficiency with the IS 200t. Following its unveiling, Lexus has completely restyled the hi-tech 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine for its debut in IS's north-south rear-wheel drive layout. What is different now, is that this unit now provides 27 kW more p

2016 lexus rx comes with style, flexibility and utility

Since its launch in 1998, Lexus RX lineup has proven itself as flexible and reliable partner. The luxury sedan now comes with a mix of sharp creases and curves and represents a bold evolution in RX's history. Furthermore, this is one of the best-selling luxury crossovers and now it features hybrid and gasoline engines,

fourth generation lexus rx debuts in europe

Lexus RX in its fourth generation form is going to be revealed at thee Frankfurt Motor Show on September 15. Next to it, Lexus will also present for the first time the European appearance of the revised GS and GS 200t. A Little Bit of History Since its appearance on the market, the RX has become one of Lexus’ best selling vehicles. The popular SUV was introduced in 1999 and for 16 years around 2.2 million examples have been sold worldwide. This also means that three out of every ten Lexus vehicles sold have bee

bentley, infiniti, lexus, ford: what did you miss? this week's summary

Morgan ARP 4 Limited Edition Beauty, style and passion. These the three main words, that describe Morgan's latest masterpiece. The vehicle is capable of conquering both tracks and roads, while offering some superior comfort, highest levels of luxury and numerous more interesting features. To see more about the vehicle, click here: Morgan ARP 4 Limited Edition And the Fairytale of Luxury and Style Bentley "Blue Train" Limited Edition The leg

see lexus rc f v8 coupe which displays human’s heartbeat!

More and more industries are trying to incorporate the interconnection between machine and men into their products. This time around this is done by Lexus which collaborated with the creative agency M&C Saatchi. The two companies succeeded in crafting a one – off vehicle that very impressively manages to disp

shelby cobra daytona and ford mustang apollo make it in the best news for this week

The best that happened this week involved a lot of Ford Mustangs and more importantly the revived Shelby Cobra Daytona. We also saw some great looking cars and special one-off tunings. A fast recapitulation will give you a glimpse of the most exclusive vehicles that were revealed for this five day long period. Starting with Monday, we saw the birth of the new Lexus EX line-up and the most exclusive Lexus ES 300h hybrid. We always put an emphas

what’s new for 2016 lexus es 300h?

2016 Lexus ES 300h is a luxury leader in the hybrid world and this is undisputable, isn’t it? Joining a range of six Lexus hybrid models, this one features a lot more that we have expected. It is efficient, looks better than ever and features a lot more comfortability inside. There is also new safety features coming as a standard as well as more multimedia and connectivity technology included. The car is basically a jewel, and it not only helps in saving the planet, but it is also suitable

lexus is 200t is the third model to include the brand's latest engine

Lexus IS 200t will be the next Lexus vehicle, that will adopt the petrol turbo power. In fact, the 200t is the third model, that will be geared with this particular Lexus engine. The other two models are the NX 200t crossover and the RX 200t SUV. What Lexus tries to achieve is a maximum torque of 350Nm and 241hp (180 kW). All this driven by the rear wheels with an eight-speed Sport Direct Shift automatic gearbox. Sounds good, right? Yes, it do