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2020 corolla receives a sexy nightshade upgrade pack

2020 Corolla receives a sexy Nightshade upgrade pack

New Toyota Corolla lineup gets a fancy new Nightshade upgrade. These vehicles will be offered as Special Editions and are part of the 2020 model year. The exclusive upgrade can be installed on six models – 4Runner, Camry, Highlander, and Sienna. All-new 2020 Corolla was introduced earlier this year with a new grad

toyota finally announces details for new 2020 supra lineup!

Toyota finally announces details for new 2020 Supra lineup!

After more than 20 years of anticipation, fans can finally purchase the fifth-generation 2020 Toyota GR Supra at dealers worldwide. This all-new machine features exclusive upgrades and changes, along with sexy wrapping and futuristic interior. Let’s find out more, shall we? The first 1,500 units will be sold as Launch Edition models. These are based on the 3.0 Premium trim level and each one will be uniquely numbered and will come with exclu

toyota wins prestigious award at the bestcar event!

Toyota wins prestigious award at the BestCar event!

Toyota has managed to earn double success in the Auto Trader New Car Awards with honors for both C-HR crossover and Hilux pickup. The first one, C-HR was named the Best Car for City Drivers, while our all-time favorite Hilux took the title of Best Pickup. As usual, the decision was made by the toughest judges in the

2020 yaris hatchback: still sexy and agile!

2020 Yaris Hatchback: still sexy and agile!

2020 Yaris would try to blend everything that would make a modern hath appealing. It is efficient, affordable, sexy and features tons of goodies. In fact, the vehicle come with the latest technologies and user-friendly gadgets that further enhance the pleasure of driving. Exterior design Bold and distinct, vehicle’s character is defined by tons of changes, compared to predecessor models. For example, the front end reveals a gutsy attitude with its hexagon lower front grille and sharp-eyed headlamps. Furthermore

overview of new 2020 yaris adventure: was it really needed?

Overview of new 2020 Yaris Adventure: was it really needed?

New Toyota Yaris Adventure is about to make its debut at the 2019 New York International Auto Show. Part truck and part sedan, this new family member will fill the void of subcompact pickup segment that has never truly existed. In fact, this is an interesting move from Toyota, given the fact that nobody asked for such

toyota expands aygo lineup with new x-trend machines. check'em out!

Toyota expands Aygo lineup with new x-trend machines. Check'em out!

Toyota’s Aygo lineup is being expanded with a new x-trend version. Remaining one of brand’s most popular models, Aygo will benefit from tons of goodies and advanced technologies. Let’s check’em out! What makes this edition special, is the addition of 15-inch alloy wheels with machined finish, rear privacy glass, front fog lights and a red decal pack. It adds eye-catching details to the door mirrors, side sills and the lower section of

priordesign team announces new exclusive body kit for toyota supra

PRIORDESIGN team announces new exclusive body kit for Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra remains one of the most prominent Japanese sports cars. Especially the fourth generation form the 1990s. However, the new lineup, or more popular as the fifth generation brings some goodies and changes that seem to be well-accepted by brand’s die-hard fans. However, there were few that wanted even more. For example, engineers at PRIORDESIGN. The guys have decided to create an exclusive exterior body kit that gives new Supra some

darkness comes! toyota announces new nightshade edition models

Darkness Comes! Toyota announces new Nightshade Edition Models

Toyota announces details about new Nightshade Special Edition models. 2019 Camry and Highlander lineups will be enriched with sexy exclusive packages that offer both styling and performance upgrades – buyers will bet neat black accents, Nightshade Special Edition badging and countless more goodies. Let’s check ‘em out! Camry Nightshade 2019 Camry, already popular with its stylish and functional interior, Toyota has prepared neat upgra

toyota reveals more details about all-new corolla lineup

Toyota reveals more details about all-new Corolla lineup

Toyota Corolla remains one of brand’s best vehicles. And by all it seems that Toyota team would not stop refining and improving the agile beauty. And here we are reviewing the latest Corolla hatch – it is as sexy and as advanced as its predecessors, but also features some changes and goodies that would meet the req

let's talk about new corolla's safety features, shall we?

Let's talk about new Corolla's safety features, shall we?

The new Corolla hatch is here and it brings tons of advanced safety and utility features. And as it seems, this would become the strongest perk of the new model – along with the refined drivetrain system and all advanced infotainment gadgets, Toyota team decided to focus on delivering us some neat safety gadgets. So,

toyota announces details about the latest supra prototype

Toyota announces details about the latest Supra prototype

Fans of motorsport will have the chance to witness the unveiling of the new Toyota Supra prototype at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in UK. Chief engineer and master driver Herwig Daenens will also take a ride with the vehicle and as always will climb Goodwood’s iconic hill. This particular debut of the

toyota announces further details about the new corolla hybrid

Toyota announces further details about the new Corolla Hybrid

The new Corolla hatch is engineered with the sole purpose to be the vehicle that would incorporate the latest generation of hybrid technology that Toyota has brought to us. What we will witness in August this year is releasing a vehicle that offers improved durability, driveability and tractability. How? Let’s find out! Corolla comes with upgraded Hybrid Synergy Drive system and advanced 1.8-liter petrol electric engine. This new power unit