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toyota land cruiser continues on with a great legacy

Toyota Land Cruiser Continues On With A Great Legacy

The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser is still one of the top choices in off-road vehicles in the country. It is an impressive blend of four-wheel outdoor rough and ready with the elegance of a well mannered and quite civilized city dweller. It’s been around for over 60 years and is one of the most respected names in off

the legend goes limited: toyota 86 comes with fresh additions!

The Legend Goes Limited: Toyota 86 Comes With Fresh Additions!

Toyota team has always been keen to showcase new editions of the 86 coupe. And we do understand why: this machine is simply incredible. In fact, it is one of these vehicles that define the whole engineering and styling concept of the whole brand. And now, as it seems, Toyota feels ready to unveil the latest edition: it is a limited one and adds new features and tons of exclusive goodies. Let’s find out more! Notable features First of all,

limited and ambitious: land cruiser altitude searches for off-road challenges!

Limited and ambitious: Land Cruiser Altitude searches for off-road challenges!

The so-called “king off the road”, LandCruiser 200 Series meets spring time with some fresh additions that would try to persuade buyers and enthusiasts that this is one just fine machine. But is it really that great? Let’s find out! In fact, Toyota has released a limited run of just 600 vehicles that are entirely focused on delivering luxury, comfort and outstanding performance rates. These Altitude Special Editions are geared with numer

2017 toyota yaris: appealing, yet nothing special

2017 Toyota Yaris: appealing, yet nothing special

And here we are again: Toyota showcases one more generation of Yaris vehicles. And one more time we will be talking about how the well-known brand has just revealed the best so-far vehicle in the whole lineup. So, are you ready? Here we go! In Toyota’s own words, as you might have expected, this is the one and onl

toyota showcases brand's latest ambitions and plans for 2017 season year

Toyota showcases brand's latest ambitions and plans for 2017 season year

Actually, Toyota team has taken the upcoming 2017 season rather seriously. And this is why it does not stop revealing new models that will soon hit the market and the roads. One such model is the fresh new C-HR crossover, strictly followed up by GT86, Auris Verso and Aygo. In fact, Toyota team hasn’t forgotten even the Avensis lineup. Nice. So, what should we expect from the famous manufacturer? As it comes to the Yaris lineup, Toyota showca

fresh and confident towards 2017: two toyota sweeties hit the road!

Fresh and confident towards 2017: two Toyota sweeties hit the road!

New Year celebrations have begun and Toyota team decided to spice up the party. The reason? Well, it is pretty obvious that the new model year is about ten days ahead, but let’s put one more reason just in case: Toyota fans and enthusiasts might well be pleased by what the brand reveals as new offerings. To tell you the truth, we are interested too! So, let’s check out what is going on here! To be precise, there are two fresh models that w

mazda and toyota: what do these rivals have in common?

Mazda and Toyota: what do these rivals have in common?

Toyota Supra vs Mazda RX-9 Here we have a long-awaited battle in the making. Both super cars from both Toyota & Mazda are expected to be made available for 2018 year, and we wanted to give readers the opportunity to understand how the two will match up initially. Let us dive into the Toyota Supra. Toyota had

toyota and the tnga architecture: it slowly becomes a trend. but a good one!

Toyota and the TNGA architecture: it slowly becomes a trend. But a good one!

Architecture in vehicles. Yes, this again. I know it has become something as a trend, but stick with me. Toyota is the next big player to incorporate signature body architecture in its vehicles and as it seems, the team tries to stand out from the crowd pretty hard. So, let’s check out what’s the idea of the masterminds behind Toyota. Both latest generations of Prius and C-HR will be dealing with a thing called Toyota New Global Archit

driver-focused and not that appealing: toyota 86 gt hits the road!

Driver-focused and not that appealing: Toyota 86 GT hits the road!

Toyota team continues the sharpening of the popular 86 sports car and gears it with additional features that enhance the styling, performance, and overall quality. This revised coupe comes with stiffer chassis, revised suspension system, improved aerodynamics and additional track mode that altogether will please brand’s enthusiasts and potential buyers. Also, there is a manual version of the vehicle that receives uplift in power output throu

camry rz special edition: what's so special about this one?

Camry RZ Special Edition: what's so special about this one?

Toyota team proudly and confidently launches the revised Camry RZ Special Edition. As you might remember, the edition that was launched last year was sort of a super hit vehicles: within days 1100 uniths have found their new owner. And there is a reason behind this success. Now, the new RZ Special Edition is limited to only 700 units and features special satellite navigation system with SUNA real traffic updates, seven-inch touch screen infota

toyota showcases a leader wanna-be in the suv segment. check it out!

Toyota showcases a leader wanna-be in the SUV segment. Check it out!

Toyota team is ready to unveil the latest and greatest C-HR, which eventually is to become brand’s symbol of commitment to delivering us ever-evolving high-quality vehicles. So, what should we expect this time? First of all, the new C-HR will mark a bold challenge towards other rivals as Qashqai, Kadjar, Yeti and HR-V. Thanks to the advanced New Global Architecture C-Platform, C-HR will come with super-low center of gravity that would result

toyota landcruiser: it can get even better!

Toyota LandCruiser: it can get even better!

Toyota decided to take a closer look to the LandCruiser 70 Series single cab-chassis and has geared it with new contemporary features that include technology, utility gadgets and of course, comprehensive safety suite. All 70 Series receive a fully electronic pack of vehicle stability control, active traction control, hill-start assist control, brake assist and electronic brake-force distribution. Cool, right? Further improvements include numerous power unit updates that contribute to better responsiveness and im