bmw x6 received an interesting upgrade from lumma design

BMW X6 Received an Interesting Upgrade from LUMMA Design

The latest BMW X6 received an impressive body work by LUMMA Design. Now, their latest creation is called CLR X6R. And it looks really good. Let's check it out. After the catoonish pack, released in 2014, the LUMMA team decided to go for something wider and larger. The crew added massive 22-inch alloy wheels with bea

lumma design gt evo styling kit for the range rover clr r

LUMMA Design GT Evo Styling Kit for the Range Rover CLR R

What did the Range Rover CLR R type LG received for Christmas? A new conversion kit called CLR R GT Evo body kit and made by the luxury tuners at LUMMA Design. And we must admit that the vehicle does look stuning. The modification started from the front with the new front bumper which has cooling air inlets. Then there

lumma design has prepared stunning clr r conversion kit for the range rover lwb

LUMMA Design has Prepared Stunning CLR R Conversion Kit for the Range Rover LWB

LUMMA Range Rover CLR R is unique not only because the tuners have done an exceptional work, but also because they are the first to offer a broad-build body kit for the Range Rover Long Wheelbase (LWB). At the front, the new look of the vehicle is characterized by a powerful front spoiler bumper with awe-inspiring air inlets. There are also the LUMMA-typical LED-double daytime running lights and double headlights just above the lane. Furthermo

lumma tuning mercedes-benz slk r170

LUMMA Tuning Mercedes-Benz SLK R170

Since the release of the series 170 , mercedez-benz introduced a brand new roadster model in 1996, the SLK ( sporty light and short). One of the spectacular technical features of the model is the Afaria folding roof which folds in just 25 seconds. This is the first Mercedez car delivered without a spare tire, instead tire fit is included. The SLK continues its path of success with a new look along with technological advances. The ESP(electronic stability program) along with 6 gear transmission.

lumma bmw clr x6 r will be ready in 2015

LUMMA BMW CLR X6 R Will Be Ready In 2015

LUMMA BMW CLR X6 R is presented here only in draft design. The new F16 series is getting prepared and the designers and technicians at the tuning company are currently developing the first examples of the car. LUMMA CLR X6 R is scheduled to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. The most striking modification of the Sport Activity Coupe is its widebody transformation. The body kit that it is equipped with widens the car by 50 millimeters on each side thanks to the wheel arch enlargements with air boxes on both axl

lumma design to show range rover vogue clr sr at goodwood

LUMMA Design To Show Range Rover Vogue CLR SR At Goodwood

LUMMA Design Range Rover Vogue CLR SR is to have a world premiere at Goodwood. The car is characterized by a special CLR SR assembly kit. The first element of which is the front spoiler bumper bar that includes the original fog lamps and double daytime running lights in the cutting-edge “fiber optics light guide tech

lumma design range rover clr r carbon package

Lumma Design Range Rover CLR R Carbon Package

Lumma Design rolled out their CLR R makeover kit for the new Range Rover last year. Today, you can build on that update with another update: Lumma Design's comprehensive carbon fiber package. There's also a power increase aspect to this new project. Let's not forget, however, that the original CLR R package already offers a re-styled carbon fiber hood with (more than really needed) air scoops. It's also responsible for the new bumpers, the flaring wheel arches and lower door sills. The new stuff includes the

lumma design introduces two bmw clr i design concepts

LUMMA Design Introduces Two BMW CLR I Design Concepts

Behind the capitals CLR I the tuners at LUMMA Design have hidden two design studies, which are based on recently released BMW hybrid models. Precisely we are speaking here about the I8 Sports Car and I3 Electric Vehicle. Although the production design of the models is pretty impressive already, what LUMMA has to off