2019 LUMMA Design Audi Q8About a year ago, Q8 has proven that Audi still deserves to be on the leaderboard position in the world of automobiles. Although the market has been previously dominated by different machines and models in the segment, new Q8 has proven worthy in any way possible.

However, LUMMA Design team, based in Winterlingen in Swabia, decided to take a closer look at the premium SUV and make some tweaks here and there. The result is simply amazing – with the exclusive aerodynamic package the lucky machine now showcases the best of the two worlds – the stock high quality of Audi and the exclusive and dedicated goodies from a world-renowned tuner.

LUMMA CLR 8S features a notable exterior design work, which includes new front and rear axles, front spoiler extension and engine hood attachment. There are also exclusive side rocker panels and a new bumper apron with new diffuser at the rear, which neatly fits vehicle's muscular and aggressive expression.

2019 LUMMA Design Audi Q8

The new aerodynamic additions are manufactured from high-quality materials and have the option of being refined with visible carbon-fiber. Sweet!

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In order to make a neat full-bodied upgrade, LUMMA Design also offers two of their own alloy wheel sets: LUMMA CLR 22 LX, which contribute to this overall elegant and sexy appearance with a V spokes. These come in 10x22-inch and 12x22-inch size, wrapped by 285/40R22 tires at the front and 325/35R22 tires at the rear. The other set is LUMMA CLR 24 RS – exclusively developed for this premium SUV and feature matte-black multicomponent look. These are available in the sizes 10.5x24" and 13x24", combined with 295/30R24 and 355/25R24 tires.

Also, for these who seek even more, LUMMA Design offers sweet fully tailorable upgrades for the interior and neat drivetrain upgrades for enhanced performance rates.

2019 LUMMA Design Audi Q8

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