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vorsteiner bmw e9x m3 gts5 with new front bumper

Vorsteiner BMW E9X M3 GTS5 with new Front Bumper

Vorsteiner BMW E9X M3 GTS5 is a unique combination between the retiring E9X M3 and Vorsteiner’s GTS5 Front Bumper. The car will be produced only in limited 88 units so that it keeps the one-of-a-kindness of the driving experience to only a few people. The GTS5 front bumper adds little details that first improve th

vorsteiner gtrs5 bmw m3

Vorsteiner GTRS5 BMW M3

With a grand gesture of their own, Vorsteiner bid farewell to the E92 BMW series. It's the latest generation of GTRS programes – the Vorsteiner GTRS5 for the BMW M3. It's pretty much the same as the last one, the GTRS3, but Vorsteiner say that the difference is in the details. The lower front bumper now has more vents for an even more efficient air-flow. The fins of the diffuser at the back longer than before thus providing greater downforce. There are also vertical vents on the sides of th

2012 vorsteiner ferrari 458 italia - more aerodynamic and stylish

2012 Vorsteiner Ferrari 458 Italia - more aerodynamic and stylish

2012 Vorsteiner Ferrari 458 Italia is the latest conversion by the talented tuners from Vorseiner. They have updated the powerful Ferrari with their new 458-V Program. The latter is uncompromising in terms of design of aerodynamic components. The tuners admit that they have built it with the aim to integrate with the Ferrari's style and even more – to make it even more perfect. Having this approach in mind, Vorsteiner have successfully fo

vorsteiner gts-v bmw 1m coupe

Vorsteiner GTS-V BMW 1M Coupe

It has arrived. Vorsteiner's GTS-V program for the BMW 1M Coupe is a fact of life – “Autoclave Pre-Preg” carbon fiber aerodynamic components, some wheels and a sport exhaust system that's beneficial to the power output. The finished product is laden with character yet remains subtle. We have a GTS-V add-on spoiler for the front that also flings air to the disk brakes and a rear diffuser with a splitter and jutted fins. For the sake of lightness, the boot lid has been replaced entirely a

vorsteiner bmw 1m coupe kit

Vorsteiner BMW 1M Coupe Kit

Vorsteiner have released something like a teaser for a program, but have also spilled pretty much all the beans on what's it going to be. The project in question is a “1M Coupe GTS-V“ Surely we have to be talking about a BMW. The debut is set for the end of May while for now, all we get to see are the pieces of kit that are supposed to go on the finished product. It still is worth a peek, this carbon fibery goodness. We have a carbon fiber pre-preg front spoiler with ducts that channel ai

vorsteiner lamborghini gallardo superleggera

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Since there seems to be a lot of fuss around Lamborghini at the moment, Vrosteiner have cunningly decided to make a reference of their own. They too send us back in time but the LM002-back-in-time-type. It's a tuning program for the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera... sort of. More like wheels for it. Yes, those two raging bulls down there in the gallery wear the latest shoes from Vorsteiner – 1-piece or 3-piece forged wheels codenamed respectfully VS-110 and VS-310. As if they have been made specifically for

vorsteiner 599-vx custom ferrari 599 coupe

Vorsteiner 599-VX Custom Ferrari 599 Coupe

We've seen this (or something like it) before, but Vorsteiner say it's a completely new project – It's the 599-VX custom Ferrari 599. New or old, we couldn't say no to it. We really liked the fact that Vorsteiner have dropped the racing stripe and the numbering. The front grille also looks new (more meshy now). They say that the aftermarket components act as a 70 percent lighter alternative to the original. That's supposedly due to the fact that all the body elements from Vorsteiner are made from carbon fiber

2012 vorsteiner mercedes-benz c63 amg

2012 Vorsteiner Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

The styling and performance expert Vorsteiner has just released its latest project. The work was on the exceptional Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The astonishing vehicle comes from the factory with the extra vigor 6.2-liters V8 power unit which renders 451 horsepower (332 kW). But thank to the amazing work of the professionals from the Vorsteiner, the stellar Mercedes C63 AMG now becomes even sharper and gets aggressive styling due to the great detailing. The new Vorsteiner’s program for the

2012 vorsteiner bmw gtrs3 e93 m3

2012 Vorsteiner BMW GTRS3 E93 M3

It is black, it is has an outstanding performance, it is BMW M3 and in addition to all this it is tuned by Vorsteiner. Yes, the new latest project of the tuning company is equipped with some exceptional features, which makes it look unique. More importantly, it now carries all those boutique qualities, which will create the feeling of “being special” in any customer. The Wheels Boutique had taken further the image of the BMW E93 M3, by converting it into a Vorsteiner BMW GTRS3 E93 M

vorsteiner v-309 ferrari california

Vorsteiner V-309 Ferrari California

The most recent update from Vorsteiner is this beautiful Ferrari California. In particular Vorsteiner V-309 Ferrari California is no less than a true queen, showing its sparkling majesty on the streets of Taiwan, where this actual update was made. What is more here, one of the Vorsteiner’s dealers there, has equipped the Ferrari with theses splendid Vorsteiner V-309 3-piece forged aluminum wheels. The result is obvious and there is no question about the majestic stance which this vehicl

vorsteiner v-rt 911 twin turbo cabriolet

Vorsteiner V-RT 911 Twin Turbo Cabriolet

Lately, a lot of Vorsteiner dealers tend to showcase exotic cars with kits and wheels from the source. This one is from Wheels Boutique in Florida. Vorsteiner VR-T components expose themselves here and there on this Porsche 911 Twin Turbo Cabriolet. The VR-T line front bumper seems just about right for the job. It houses bigger carbon fiber air intakes and throws away the factory fog lights and headlight washer bezzles. The VR-T rear bumper works on the wide aspects of the Porsche – the flaring side vents also b

the bmw e90 m3 - a vorsteiner project

The BMW E90 M3 - A Vorsteiner Project

Vorsteiner seem to be preoccupied these days with BMWs. More specifically, the M3 range. Well, this time it's not actually Vorsteiner. It's one of their dealers - Vivid Racing, based in Glibert, Arizona. They have taken a 2008 BMW M3 Sedan (E90) and have spiced it up in the name of aesthetics. At least, that's how some people see it. Power is not up, but Vivid Racing are considering it as the bar for more performance is now up. By the bar, I mean the stopping power – four new Brembo 380mm cro