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a blue bmw m3 gtrs3 by vorsteiner

A Blue BMW M3 GTRS3 by Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner's GTRS3 program for the BMW M3 Coupe is not really something that came out yesterday – it's been around for almost two years now. However, it sill is hot by today's standards and the latest proof of that is what we see here – a matte blue GTRS3 M3 having a photo shoot in Taiwan and generally gaining popularity. The program is mainly visual and consists of a widebody kit – front and rear bumpers (rear end diffuser included), flaring wheel arches and extended side skirts, all mad

vorsteiner v-ms program for bmw 5 series m-tech

Vorsteiner V-MS Program for BMW 5 Series M-Tech

Vorsteiner is a company that spends a great deal of time focusing on designing wheels. And they are not looking bad at all. From time to time however, they tend to issue full-blown tuning programs complete with aerodynamic sets, wheels naturally and exhaust systems. Their latest one is called the V-MS Program and in order to eligible for it, you must posses a BMW 5 (F10) series that has the factory M Tech aero package. The Vorsteiner provided aero bits are all from the company's pre-peg carbon fiber line. That inc

vorsteiner v-gt porsche 991 coupe

Vorsteiner V-GT Porsche 991 Coupe

Vorsteiner has released several pictures of one of their latest tuning projects - the new V-GT program for the Porsche 991. The tuning elements will fit both Carrera and Carrera S models and are made of carbon fiber. The exterior upgrades include: a new add-on spoiler with integrated brake duct collectors, a front GT replaceable center splitter for more downforce, a pair of side skirts with integrated carbon fiber blade extension, a new lightweight carbon-fiber bonnet, a rear add-on diffuser

vorsteiner carrera and carrera s

Vorsteiner Carrera and Carrera S

Vorsteiner would rather have us excited about something before actually revealing it. That is why today we have a teaser of one of their latest project that involves the Porsche 991 Carrera and Carrera S. It is actually called the V-GT program. While the pic is a teaser, we do have a list of features that will adorn the Carrera cars: • Front Add-On Spoiler with integrated brake duct collectors Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg Autoclave • Front GT Replaceable Center Splitter for additional downforc

vorsteiner rolls-royce ghost [teaser]

Vorsteiner Rolls-Royce Ghost [Teaser]

Vorsteiner have undertaken an ambitious project and have released a bit of a teaser. It will be the Rolls Royce Ghost that's going under the knife. But , in true spirit of the ultra-executive, the company intends to keep it simple and clean. In fact nothing is to be replaced but rather clipped on. The end goal for Vorsteinier is to add a great deal of functionality and a little bit of character. That's why the Ghost here gets some additional downforce by a front spoiler with a replaceable split

vorsteiner vs-130 series for ferrari 458 italia and bmw f10 5 series

Vorsteiner VS-130 Series for Ferrari 458 Italia And BMW F10 5 Series

The tuning company Vorsteiner has just revealed some new upgrades. Namely, they have introduced one of their latest wheel designs as part of Vorsteiner 2012 Collection VS-130 Series – the new super lightweight 5 spoke monoblock wheels. They are prepared for the owners of  Ferrari 458 Italia And BMW F10 5 Series. This incredibly beautiful design feature includes lightweight spoke design, which utilizes Vorsteiner’s latest spoke scalloping an

vms m sport 5 series

VMS M Sport 5 series

Vorsteiner have unveiled their latest project – V-MS for the BMW 5 series (F10) equipped with M Sport package. It involves an aerodynamic kit, new wheels and some exhaust system tweaks. The aerodynamic kit consists of a front air splitter (designed to fit the M Sport bumper), a rear diffuser and a trunk lip spoiler – all in carbon fiber. These add-ons give a type of character to the 5 series while having a purposeful balancing role. A newly installed full cat back exhaust system ups the p

vorsteiner bentley br-10 [teaser]

Vorsteiner Bentley BR-10 [Teaser]

Brace yourselves! This is the latest teaser from Vorsteiner which features the 2012 Bentley Continental GT Coupe.It is said that Vorsteiner – a company with experience in modifying luxury performance vehicles – have applied a lightweight carbon fiber autoclave aerodynamic kit and some new wheels, exclusively forged for the Bentley. Other than that we can only wait for the full release on the Vorsteiner Bentley BR-10. Source: Vorsteiner

2012 vorsteiner bmw 1-series m coupe gts-v teaser

2012 Vorsteiner BMW 1-Series M Coupe GTS-V Teaser

Vorsteiner is surprising us with a teaser image of the upcoming and freshly tuned BMW 1-Series M Coupe GTS-V. The California-based tuning company has just shared few details of what it will be included in this make-over of the 1M. First the body kit features a front spoiler with Integrated Brake Duct System Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg. Next there will also be a rear diffuser replacement with extended aero fins and signature GTS-V designed splitters Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg. In addition, another element which was fabricated

vorsteiner bmw x5 m

Vorsteiner BMW X5 M

Vorsteiner has announced their tuning program for BMW X5 M. The sports SUV is already a class act but with the addition of Vorsteiner's aero components, it gives a fashionable appearance while keeping an aggressive look. The aerodynamics package from Vorsteiner consists of add-on front spoiler, vented race hood and a new rear diffuser. All parts are made from Carbon Fiber Autoclave Pre-Preg to add strength and durability while maintaining a high class look. There are no words about perform

vorsteiner v-ct porsche cayenne ii [preview]

Vorsteiner V-CT Porsche Cayenne II [preview]

Vorsteiner will soon reveal full details about their new project, which is based on Porsche Cayenne II. The name of the project is V-CT. The full body kit includes a front fascia, side skirt extensions, a rear bumper that has a diffuser, and a roof spoiler. The specialists from Vorsteiner will also fit a titanium exhaust system, and custom rims that have a multi-spoke design. The exhaust system is exclusively offered for the Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo. Most likely, Cayenne II S and Cayenne II Turbo will get

vorsteiner ferrari 599-vx

Vorsteiner Ferrari 599-VX

The debut of the Ferrari 599-VX marks Vorsteiner’s first official foray into the Ferrari line of cars. This 599 will only be the very beginning of what is to come for our product applications for Ferrari models. The concept for the 599-VX project was to create a comprehensive conversion package that encompasses the perfect marriage between lightweight aerodynamics, performance exhaust and wheels. In typical Vorsteiner fashion, our designers set out to create something that would not