wimmer shows how to tune properly volkswagen touareg with its latest concept

WIMMER shows how to tune properly Volkswagen Touareg with its latest concept

Touareg isn’t the vehicle that most tuners make performance updates on, isn’t it? But when you look at it and consider that it has a huge hidden potential, then it might seem a good idea. Before rushing to your garage or looking over the Internet about the options, let us present to you a concept tuning based on Volkswagen’s SUV. The people responsible for it are the experts at WIMMER Rennsporttechnik. If you haven’t heard about them,

tiny car with great hidden potential: meet wimmer rs volkswagen polo wrc

Tiny car with great hidden potential: meet WIMMER RS Volkswagen Polo WRC

WIMMER RS Volkswagen Polo WRC is one little car with enormous potential. One can hardly imagine that this tiny beasty can reach the heights of developing 420 horsepower. Does this mean that size does not matter when it comes to engine power boost? In this case we are pretty positive, but still there might be many out there who are on the opposite opinion. So, let’s see what caught our attention in this project. We must admit that the origina

you have to see the ktm x-bow gt black edition before you watch the new batman movie!

You Have to See the KTM X-Bow GT Black Edition Before You Watch the New Batman Movie!

Wimmer RS KTM X-Bow GT Black Edition seems like it has just made a great photo-session in Batman’s lair. Take a look in the gallery below and you’ll get my idea, but… it will be the ultimate batmobile, if Batman wasn’t a protagonist but a real-life superhero. The car is setting absolutely new standards when it comes to defining “fully carbon fiber vehicle” and the reason for this is that its whole body is made of the lightweight mater

wimmer reveals staggering pictures and details of ktm x-bow gt

WIMMER Reveals Staggering Pictures and Details of KTM X-Bow GT

Here is the WIMMER KTM X-Bow GT. Regardless of its form, drop top or real Gran Turismo, the car is an emanation of a radical design. R and RR are the model series most famous in the X-Bow trim. They stand out immediately and are driven by preference with helmet, because the windshield does not offer any protection. On the contrary, the GT variant of the X-Bow has a windshield made of heatable laminated safety glass. The side windows of the car ar

wimmer reveals the stunning x-bow r limited

WIMMER Reveals the Stunning X-Bow R Limited

Along with the chip tuning, WIMMER Racing Sport Techniques also focuses its entire activity in delivering vehicle upgrades, fine-tuning and numerous improvements. The sporty exhaust system, which is of its own production, along with chassis techniques and sports brakes are what matters for the WIMMER engineers the most. Also, WIMMER RST is the German retailing partner and type A dealer of KTM Sportcar GmbH, offering in this capacity a.o. KTM X-Bow R Limited Edition in small series of three exemplars. This sweeti

wimmer rennsporttechnik and the mighty mercedes-amg c63 s

WIMMER Rennsporttechnik and the Mighty Mercedes-AMG C63 S

Mercedes-AMG C63 S is once again featured in our news today. The first time we have seen its horses boosted with 100 hp by PP-Performance. Now, the car in its touring variant has been customized by the experts at WIMMER Rennsporttechnik, who did not only uprated its horsepower but also added some tweaks here and there.

ktm x-bow gt dubai-gold-edition revealed by wimmer rst

KTM X-Bow GT Dubai-Gold-Edition Revealed by Wimmer RST

KTM X-Bow GT Dubai-Gold-Edition is the name of this interesting vehicle tuned by the talented experts at Wimmer Rennsporttechnik. It looks fantastic but a little bit strange, doesn’t it? It also has astonishing power ratings and champion-like spirit. The Germany-based company, which specializes in electronic and mech

wimmer rst infernal trio armada generates up to 1,300 horsepower

Wimmer RST Infernal Trio Armada Generates up to 1,300 Horsepower

We haven’t heard from Wimmer RS probably since last year. Now, the tuning company from Solingen, Germany, returns with not one, but three powerful cars, based on X-BOW and called “Infernal Trio Armada”. More impressive is that these vehicles produce 1,300 horsepower. This result was achieved via chip tuning and other engine modifications. The first car is the X-BOW GT, which has an extended engine tuning with metal cat, modified turbo charg