Art Studio Vilner - Beijing: Ribbon CuttingWe have exciting and extremely exclusive news for everyone who is keen on masterful customization. Vilner is expanding its presence around the world with the opening of the first official representative studio in Beijing, China! The tuner just sent us the information and images of the opening ceremony and we couldn't wait but share it with you!

Vilner is a Bulgarian based luxury tuning company, and this is its first studio outside of the country. Just like in Europe, Art Studio Vilner - Beijing is absolutely ready to leave a lasting impression in the customization ‘know-how' of the automobile and motorcycle world.

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The Area of the Art Studio

Art Studio Vilner Opening

The Art Studio is positioned over an area of 1.4 acres. It includes a special art section and showroom for four cars. If you ever have the chance of visiting it, you will dive in an atmosphere filled with beautiful details and where nothing is accidental: take for instance the notorious table in the office that is made of organically linked wood and glass or the cubic shop-windows where Vilner's accessories find their display, or the hand-painted motorcycle helmets which are worthy to be on display in an art gallery. In this cozy atmosphere will be working exactly 23 people.

It isn't a coincidence the location of the Art Studio, too. It finds itself next to a huge car-complex with showrooms of international brands like Brabus and Mansory. At the same time, the building is positioned slightly aside, because of the inspiring atmosphere of the nearby forest.

First Projects Already Completed

Art Studio Vilner - Beijing Harley Davidson is first completed project

One of the first projects, which the subsidiary has already completed, is this Harley-Davidson. The machine is hand-painted in Chinese style, and the work on it took the master hundreds of man-hours. But it was worth it, because the details are stunning: take a look at the tank, which has received a hat with gold plating, while the heads of the bolts have been covered with muffs of precious metal.

Another three projects were completed when the studio officially opened. These include a Mercedes-Benz SL, MINI Cooper Cabrio and Jaguar XJ. By the way, the production value of the tuning of the British limousine is 200,000 yuan, which is over 28,000 Euro! Now, the proud owner can show-off with bold interior combination of milky blue and brown.

Grand Opening

Art Studio Vilner Balkan Festival

At the grand opening of Art Studio Vilner – Beijing were present more than 100 representatives of the local media. There were also people from the automotive branch and art circles, who witnessed some sort of Balkan Festival. Why a Balkan Festival? Because there were a lot of traditional folk dances and a lot of typically Bulgarian gifts like the vials with rose water.

Art Studio Vilner - Beijing is currently officially functioning. Vilner promises that this is only the beginning of the expansion of the brand. With this step, the double "V" just starts circulating around the global market. For next year there are plans for ‘ribbon cutting' in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Obviously, Vilner is ready to conquer the world! And I'm sure these guys one day will do it! At last, but not least, you can also take a look at the entirely renewed web-page of the brand:

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