2018 Audi R8Audi R8 Coupe has won the prestigious "2016 World Performance Car" in the World Car Awards, presented at the New York International Auto Show.

With a total of four awards, the new Audi R8 proved itself as one of brand's most successful models and also as one of the best models throughout the history of the World Car Awards. As you might know, the predecessor model has already won two World Performance Car prizes and a World Car Design of the Year award. And this is why we are certain the latest R8 beauty has just started its winning spree.

The second generation of the high-performance sport fury was able to win the competition thanks to the 73 leading automotive journalists that voted for this particular model.


As we have told you, the R8 Coupe is geared with a mid-mounted V10 power unit and refined quattro drive system that together deliver the outstanding 610hp (448kW) and contribute to the extremely short-timed 0-100km/h sprint: the Audi R8 finishes it in the mere 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of 369km/h (205mph). Impressive, right?

Other notable features are the state-of-the-art lightweght construction and extremely dynamic suspension with variable torque vectoring.

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