Dragtimesinfo has published a video - BMW M6 G-Power SKIII with 750HP making several starts versus Alpina B6 with 540HP, Nissan GT-R AMS Alpha 12+ with 1500HP, BMW M6 ESS VT3+ with 950HP and Porsche Cayenne II Turbo S with 550HP.

The first start is against the B6, which set personal absolute record on ¼ mile – 12.807 seconds, but it wasn't enough to beat the 210HP more powerful M6 G-Power, which finished the 1 mile race in 30.499 seconds with 282 km/h.

The second start is versus the mighty Alpha 12+, which obviously won the race, but the information in the end is wrong (they switched the tables for M6 ESS and the GT-R). So, the GT-R finished in 27.245 seconds with 342 km/h terminal speed, which is pretty slow time, while the M6 G-Power needed 29.930 seconds with 292 km/h.

In the third race, the Cayenne II Turbo S stopped the clock at 32.453 seconds with 252 km/h, which is pretty good for a big SUV. What is more, it was driven by a lady – Olga G.

The last start is against the mighty M6 ESS VT+, which finished in 28.358 seconds with 303 km/h, while the M6 G-Power needed 29.930 seconds with 291 km/h terminal speed, which is personal absolute record on 1 mile.

Source: Dragtimesinfo