Carlsson now offers tuning package for the practical Smart Fortwo Coupe and Convertible versions. The improvements include LED daytime running lights, exclusive leather packages, a superb audio system and some slight touches to the exterior and the interior.

At the front, Carlsson Smart features two black radiator grill inserts of powder-coated stainless steel above and below – 153 Euro. Furthermore, the small car has LED daytime running lights to get even more individuality. They may be used at the same time as dipped headlights and so set themselves apart from the typical upgrade kits. The ready-to-fit set, including the power supply and control unit, the cable harness and the bracket, costs 415 Euro.

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The interior of Carlsson Smart Fortwo now features leather packages from the customizer based in Merzig, Germany. The upholstery is from finest Softwalk Nappa leather and Alcantara.

Complete Carlsson Leather - 4163 Euro

  • entire instrument panel
  • knee area
  • steering wheel
  • instrument cluster
  • radio and air-conditioning console
  • air vents
  • doors
  • door pockets
  • seats
  • embroidered Carlsson logo in the headrests

For additional 359 Euro, you can benefit from specially developed sports seats with more pronounced, contoured bolsters on seat and backrest which also provide perfect support when cornering fast.

For the audio fans, Carlsson provides "Exclusive Edition" high-end sound system, which is specially developed for Smart. It consists of a digital two-channel power-amp with 400 Watts RMS power, the pre-assembled cable harness for the original Smart radio and sound insulation in the doors. The two, black-leather covered doorboards enclose, behind the loudspeaker grilles with the Carlsson logo on each side, a 16.5-centimetre loudspeaker and a textile tweeter which, connected by a specially adapted crossover network, ensure perfect high-frequency reproduction and full-bodied sound. The audio system costs 1295 Euro and also includes as a special feature the LED footwell lighting which is activated when the doors open.

All parts come with warranty and can be specified in the car's documents.