Usually people underestimate the acceleration of the big SUVs, especially when it comes to a drag racing. However, there is always an exception and this time it is Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 RP 7.0 Turbo with whopping 1350HP (993 kW). The mighty Cherokee goes against Audi RS6 Sportmile R1k with 1000HP (735 kW) and Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG Gorilla Racing with 715HP (526 kW).

In the first race, the Cherokee managed to cross the finish line in just 26.809 seconds with terminal speed of 277 km/h, while the RS6 needed 27.232 seconds with speed of 291 km/h. The Cherokee set personal absolute record on 1 mile, while the RS6 set personal absolute record on ¼ mile.

The second race was versus the ML 63 AMG, which doesn't stand a chance with its 30.499 seconds on 1 mile and speed of 265 km/h. The Cherokee SRT-8 crossed ¼ mile mark in 10.574 seconds with 219 km/h and 1 mile in 26.717 seconds with 267 km/h. The big SUV is winner 1st place in SUV class 2013. It also set absolute record of all-time in SUV class on 1 mile as well as absolute record for Jeep Grand Cherokee on 1 mile.

Source: Jeep