2015 Ferrari Califrornia TAt the Auto Shanghai show Ferrari revealed the stunning California T model. The godlike beauty is crafted only for the Chinese auto show, just to demonstrate how Ferrari's "Tailor Mode" program allows customers to tweak a car just like they want. As you know, since the 1950s, the California model is  a symbol of elegance, beauty and sportiness.

The 2015 California T has something vintage in its look. The interior is rich on detail and even the smallest components are crafted with incredible precision. The seats are in reddish brown leather, influenced by the style of "former first family", indeed the Kennedys. The waxed central console adds even more luxurious feel to the overall premium vehicle.

But the California T brings and some modern features. The matte grey details on the central console bring that sweet feel of high-tech vehicle, just as the Alcantara inserts in the seating. Even the floor mats are made of virgin woof from New Zealand.

The incredible combination of vintage and modern really makes the California T the best model for the Tailor Made program. This is the perfect example of what a motivated and highly skilled team can create: not just a vehicle, but a piece of art, that blends emotion, memories of past beauty and passion for the future events.

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