What is "Dock+GO"? Basically it is the innovative mind of the Rinspeed designers coming into manifestation. In fact, it is backpacks on wheels for electric vehicles. This concept vehicle was is a main attraction at 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It is specifically this third on-demand axle that is the crucial point of the innovative modular mobility system the Rinspeed has developed. The motto of the concept is simple: "Take 3!" and it is all about taking three axels instead of two. However this modification is based on the thinking "but only if you need them"! Moreover these single-axle "packs" can be used in different ways depending on what the driver has to do during the day. In addition they also have an insightful resolution for the so commonly met operating range problem of electric vehicles. The highlight is that neither unneeded space nor superfluous weight is carried along if it is not necessary. What is so special about this concept is that any electrified city speedster could serve as the basis for "Dock+Go": for example – a two seated smart.  In Geneva Rinspeed showcased a rolling "sound pack" equipped with the latest high-end sound solutions in order to guarantee a first class acoustical experience.

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In addition, the vehicle includes a unique "energy pack," fitted with a range extender or additional batteries, powered by a fuel cell or a combustion engine. They provide the crucial extra kilometers to reach more distant destinations. In details, the docked third axle drives the rotating second axle and in doing so also recharges the on-board batteries of the city speedster. In addition, when the pack with auxiliary batteries is docked and the vehicle is not utilized, the pack will even provide electricity to the owner's private residence or serve as a buffer for the public energy grid.

2012 Rinspeed Dock+Go 2012 Rinspeed Dock+Go

And how about the exterior of this amazing and mindful project? What catches the eye immediately is the silver paint with a finish that resembles sparkling ice crystals. In addition, the car rides on Goodyear low-rolling-resistance tires in size 205/40-17 mounted on 7.5-inch AEZ rims, whose decorative silver covers are attached to red fasteners with rubber bands. On the other hand the interior is as superb as the exterior. It is all in red and black premium upholstery, which in addition includes strong natural thermoregulation, good insulation and a high capacity for absorbing moisture. Furthermore, the transparent roof and its distinctive grass inlays - as well as a number of other interior materials contribute to the comfort f the vehicle. The view ahead is dominated by a 12.1-inch monitor. It belongs to the multimedia equipment and is part of the intelligent infotainment system developed from Harman. Of course, the platform features the latest integration technologies. The steering wheel is also wrapped in red and black upholstery. In addition, in the concept vehicle are included a recently newly developed high-strength, lightweight door frames. No compromises were made regarding the handling. There is also no need to recharge the car through plugs. Instead the vehicle simply rolls onto an induction field from SEW Eurodrive for non-contact charging.

2012 Rinspeed Dock+Go Interior 2012 Rinspeed Dock+Go Interior

The project "Dock+Go" is definitely a different concept vehicle. First, the size of the battery and therefore the costs are depend on several factors, drive with high power, or operating range, and the Battery charging strategies. Although it has a small Battery, it has enough power to cover all the daily trips. Secondly, three instead of two axles means six instead of four wheels. No other car includes this. The AEZ engineers' technical goal was to make the rims as light as possible, in order to set high standards for the efficiency and performance of the vehicle. Third, it is fascinating adaptable vehicle with improved range size. It also offers technical solution for the functioning of interfaces accounts not only for coupling the e-vehicle's mechanical and electrical equipment by means of energy, space and accessory 'Packs', but also connecting to existing infrastructure. Furthermore, a number of innovative business models have been developed for "Dock+Go". Hence, this concept has the unique potential to significantly reduce existing e-vehicle drawbacks in terms of range and space. In fact, what is more important is that Rinspeed's "Dock+Go" approach relies on an existing product line – like the Smart for instance – and establishes the best conditions for profitable production in the shortest possible time. This delivers the opportunity to literally "add" the project to any present EV.

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