Races have always been the most demanding test-bed for all cars. Traditionally, rellability and performance are checked on the circuit. It is in races that new technologies and materials are tried out. And it is on the circuit that Maserati has decided to raise the much-praised sporty verve of its Maserati GranTurismo S to even higher levels to create the GranTurismo MC Concept.

The changes the designers of the Maserati Style Centre have made to the GranTurismo S to create the racing model have improved its performance, and above all its aerodynamic efficiency, without detriment to its elegant, curvaceous line.

The radiator grille of the GranTurismo MC Concept features two large air intakes - designed to increase the air flow to the engine and brakes - and an aerodynamic bottom trim.The front mudguards, with increased track, are also new, as is the engine hood with a dynamic air inlet and two additional air vents.

The car's profile has also been the subject of in-depth aerodynamic analysis, leading to the introduction of unusual side air vents, linked to the new miniskirts under the doors.What's more, the rear of the GranTurismo MC Concept has new-design fenders to accommodate the air vents and centrally located tailpipes.Last but not least, the boot spoiler is larger in size to increase the down force generated by the profile, thus compensating for the aerodynamic effect of the front splitter.

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The Maserati GranTrismo MC Concept has been developed on the basis of the GranTurismo S, launched at the Geneva Motor Show on 6th March 2008. The Maserati Racing Department engineers have made major improvements to reduce the car's weight while also enhancing its performance. The mapping of the engine installed on the Maserati GranTurismo MC Concept has been revised to further increase performance without impairing reliability: the unit now generates 330.9 kW. equivalent to 450 HP. with torque of 510 Nm at 4.750 rpm. The intake and exhaust systems have also been revised through the installation of a high-performance conical air filter combined with an exhaust system fitted with racing-type catalytic converters and silencers.

The suspension settings of the GranTurismo MC Concept, together with improved weight distribution and new single-setting racing dampers, plus new 12"x18" front and 13"x18" rear wheels with slick tyres, guarantee a striking increase in the car's dynamic performance compared to the GranTurismo S.

The brake system has received an upgrade to withstand the stresses typical of use on the track, whit the adoption of larger discs and monobloc racing callipers. The chassis has been significantly lightened and stiffened thanks to application of an integral welded rollcage, as required by the FIA regulations. The coachwork, partially modified to meet the new technical requirements, is in composite material. The specific electrical system, the dedicated instrumentation including an integral data acquisition system, and the indispensable safety devices, complete the equipment of the GranTurismo MC Concept.

Technical Details

Engine V8
Displacement 4,691 cc
Maximum power 330.9 kW (450 HP)
Maximum torque 510 Nm at 4,750 rpm
Weight/power ratio <4.2 Kg/KW (<3.1 Kg/HP)
Body In composite material. Windscreen and rear and side windows in Lexan.
Chassis In welded steel with integral rollcage structure, FIA approved
Interior Backward-set driving position, with racing seat, dashboard and control console in carbon throughout. 6-point seat-belt compatible with HANS protection system.
Electrical system Specific, with data acquisition system.
Fuel tank 100 lt, with carbon safety structure, FIA approved.
Brakes Steel discs, front Ø 380 mm, rear Ø 313 mm, without ABS.
Wheels Front: 12"x18"
Rear 13"x18"
Tyres Front: 285/650/18
Rear 315/690/18
Weight < 1,400 Kg