Land Rover Heritage Driving Experience is open at the special customer test facility in Fen End, West Midlands. As you know, for the first time, customers will have the chance to experience Land Rover's rich heritage, that started a sort of a cult back in 1948.

There will be a variety of packs, that allow  visitors to focus on a certain era of the Land Rover's history, from the beginning to the present day and the last model. There will be professional instructors, who will provide directions, facts and all kind of interesting information about the brand's history and particular vehicles. Furthermore, customers will also be able to witness numerous incredible vehicle exhibits and browse a merchandise outlet. Nice, isn't it?

Customers will choose among different packs and ticket ranges, that all include an experienced instructor and variety of events:

Series I, II, III and Modern Defenders

This range will allow people to see how the Land Rover's spirit evolved from all generations an how it remained still, strong and confident.

Land Rover Historic Drives

This pack offers customers to see how a legend was born and will witness the creation of original Series, classic models and unusual models. For example the 101 Forward Control, that was created especially for the British Army.

Range Rover Then & Now

Customers will have the chance to compare classic models with modern ones, bot on- and off-road. Furthermore, all, who decided to try out this pack, will be granted with facts about the tracks, the performance experience and numerous off-road experiences.

Land Rover – The Collection

The pack offers an experience of seeing all the key models from the start back in 1940s until 2010. There will be numerous series included, military vehicles, collectable vehicles, modern machines and numerous more.

Jaguar Experience

This pack demonstrates passenger rides, that include models such as XK150 and Mark II Saloon. Also, customers will have the chance to compare different series and models line Series 1 and Series 3 E-type and many more.

Le Mans Experience

Now we are talking. The pack allows customers to see legends like Mike Hawthorn and Duncan Hamilton with iconic drives like C- and D-types, that ruled over Le Mans back in the 1950s. The pack also include models like XKSS and F-TYPE R Coupe. Sweet, isn't it?

Grace and Pace Experience

This is the last and maybe most interesting pack. It offers a full day of driving Jaguar Heritage legends,  that include post-war vehicles, sports saloons, coupes, roadsters and many, many more like XFR and F-TYPE R coupe models. Furthermore, the pack also offers customers to try out the special vehicles from brand's Special Operation division. Sweet!

Source: Land Rover